Paper Flowers

Being the broke unable to work 24-year-old that I am, I had very little money this year for a Mother’s Day present. Instead of buying something I decided to try making a bouquet of paper flowers. And I think it turned out pretty well.

I don’t know how many times I burned my fingers on hot glue but it was worth it. I think I’m going to try making paper roses next. Oh and I need to go buy some googley eyes. For important crafting purposes… not to just stick on every object I can find.

flowers made out of paper

flowers made of paper

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92 thoughts on “Paper Flowers

  1. They really are lovely and must have taken you forever to make. You must have very nimble fingers too- there’s not many people could make them so neatly.

  2. That’s so lovely! I’m making my Mother’s Day present this year too. I’m making a mixed tape (ok, a mixed CD). I took my mum to the opera for her birthday a few weeks ago – it was the first time for both of us and it was so great. So I’m going to get all the songs we saw performed and put them onto a CD for her. And make a playlist for me too 🙂 Maybe I’ll make a bouquet of flowers to go with it! Have fun with the googley eyes!!

      1. I don’t listen to CD’s much either – the only CD’s I buy these days are the ones by my favourite band. So I probably buy one once every two years. Unfortunately my mum hasn’t graduated past them, so I’ll just buy all the songs on iTunes and put them on a CD for her.
        And thinking about it makes me feel old too. I remember when I was still buying cassettes!

        1. At least your mum got to the CD stage! Sounds like a cool present.

          omg yes I still remember buying cassette tapes. I had the first 3 Harry Potter audio books on cassette. We had like 8 cassettes for every book.

          1. It’s funny though – she got to the CD stage, and I’m now buying records (as well as digital). Technology is a funny thing sometimes.

      1. lol, I made red and gold tissue paper flowers for our wedding last year to hang up on the ceiling where we had our reception. They looked amazing, shame the venue didn’t put them up. I would give it a go though, its really easy x

  3. Ah, this is such a good idea, and they turned out great 🙂 might try this next time – my mum thinks real flowers are such a waste of money because they die! x

  4. Perfectly made… And the efforts you put into making this paper flower is worth a million times than a $1,000 worth of flowers!

      1. That would be very helpful! The flowers are just so beautiful I wanted to make some immediately.

  5. Omg I know you are probably tirednof hearing this but these are so cute. I might try to put something like this together for my mom I don’t have much money over either so I have started to make more handmade gifts and if I just buy a card I make I put a lot of love and funny memories in each card.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Did you use any specific paper? I have some origami paper in my stash that I haven’t used yet.

    1. I used just regular cardstock. Though I think if you were doing this it would be better to use a thicker paper as it holds its shape better. But I dunno…

      You can find loads of tutorials for origami flowers on google 🙂

  7. Wow, this is truly beautiful! I saw your post on the notebook you made, too. Very pretty. I remember when I was little, I used to make hand-crafted gifts for my mum using all sorts of things. One particular one springs to mind, I’d used an empty perfume flacon and filled it with water and olive oil (I think), then dropped some heart-shaped cut-outs in there. They floated when you shook it. Ah, us creative kids…

  8. An absolutely fantastic effort! Very envious of you, even my paper flowers would look wilted.

  9. As a daddy, I value what my two girls make for me more than anything else in the world. They don’t have money, so all they can do is make something from nothing.

    What you made is beautiful, and, I hope, valuable to your mum.

  10. Thank you for liking “Sunday Tranquility.” I enjoyed looking at your delightful paper flowers. They will last a lot longer than real ones. Good luck with making paper roses. 🙂

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