Don’t Stop Believing?

Don't Stop Believing? |

Last Saturday the final episode of Glee aired, I’m sure you could hear the fangirls all across the internet crying over the finale. At least I’m assuming thats what happened, I haven’t actually checked.

I’ve been trying to work out why I don’t care anymore. Because I used to be a massive fan of Glee. I would watch the episodes as they were aired live in America (since I’m in the UK this involved staying up till 2am), I had all the albums, I even went to the Glee Live concert in London. And now I’m not that bothered, I can’t tell if it is because I changed or if it is because Glee changed. Or maybe it was a bit of both.

I didn’t actually watch Glee when it first aired in the UK. It was because of Tumblr that I became a fan. Or part of the ‘fandom’ as the kids would say. I’m sure that Tumblr is the reason why many television shows have the fandom it does. Its a place where you can meet and talk to thousands and even millions of people who like the same thing as you. The only problem with this is the fans.

Tumblr was the place where people could talk about the things they liked, the problem is people don’t all like the same things. You would assume people would accept this and move on but not on Tumblr. You would see arguments because some person’s favourite character wasn’t getting as many songs as another character. You would see arguments because some person’s character wasn’t in every episode.

Don't Stop Believing? |

And then there was the shipping wars (if you’re confused a ‘ship’ is when a person thinks two people should be in a relationship). I didn’t realise it was possible for so many people to argue about the love lives of fictional characters. Eventually I grew tired of the constant arguing. It sounds ironic to say but at least part of the reason I stopped watching Glee was because of the fans.

Thats not the only reason I stopped watching Glee. In all honesty it got weird. I watched an episode a few weeks ago and Kurt went from dating a 40-year-old man to marrying Blaine in 20 minutes. And thats not even the strangest thing that has happened.

I think along the way the makers of Glee forgot what it was supposed to be about. Its a musical/ comedy about the kids in a show choir. But it stayed with those kids after the graduated school while still showing what was going on in the choir. It was almost like it should have been split into two separate television shows and wasn’t.

I have not been a fan of Glee for a long time. I enjoy the songs but I have no intention of watching the finale or any episode from season 6. It just feels strange because I still remember being a fan. Its almost like I think I should be feeling some sort of emotion over the finale and don’t. As a friend put it:

Glee finished last night
Didn’t even care to watch
Been shit for 5 years

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50 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believing?”

  1. Charlie

    I really really cared for the first two or three seasons and then I just stopped. Probably for the same reasons you did as well.

  2. sbunny85

    I too stopped watching Glee a while ago. I feel like I should watch the final series out of some sort of obligation but it will wait until it’s easy to get hold of. I also went to Glee Live and thought it was a total rip off as they were only on stage for about an hour. I also believe Tumblr may be the root of all evil. It’s filled with opinionated people who thing they know better than everyone else – and God help anyone who disagrees

    • bluchickenninja

      I actually really enjoyed Glee Live. The music was good, have no idea how long it was.

      Yeah Tumblr is very hit or miss. It entirely depends on who you follow. I still enjoy having a look at the art but I really don’t use it any more.

  3. Liz0215

    I agree with Charlie’s comment. I was a dedicated fan for the first few seasons. I felt that as soon as they graduated High School and all went separate directions, it lost it’s flame. The last episode I watched was the one that they dedicated to Corey after his death. I even had to force myself to watch that.
    I just think they started trying to hard by keeping the “same” story line with the kids that came in after the original cast and it just didn’t work – their dedication seemed less.
    Since the final episode aired, maybe I just need to sit and marathon it and just finish it..

  4. cbecker53

    I loved Glee. But I’ve loved it less so, recently. I watched this season’s episodes, but I. . .didn’t really “love” them. The last episode was just OK. It could have been better. Oh well. It’s just a TV show.

  5. Teresa

    There was something special about the first season (and even the second season) – an intangible essence that made the show was it was. From season 3 onwards it started getting weird and that’s also when the continuity errors starting getting out of hand. I still plan to watch season 6 because I’d like to see where it all ends up and, at the end of the day, I enjoy watching the incredibly talented actors do their thing, but I don’t think I’ll miss it.

  6. Aimer Boyz

    I was also a major fan and now I’m Glad it is over. The story lines got totally ridiculous, I never connected to the new kids, and I didn’t like what they did with my favourite character. So, yeah, goodbye to a show that went from amazing to embarrassing in two seaaons.

  7. FlyTrapMan

    Ahhh…Tumblr…mystical land of the animated GIFS! Don’t tell anyone, but once upon a time, I use to write on Tumblr. I think my Tumblr account is linked to my WordPress, but I don’t use Tumblr anymore. Do you?

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah I do use it. I still have quite a good following on Tumblr so all my blog posts get sent there too. Though I only get a few people looking at them.

      I mostly just use it for looking at art, sometimes fandom stuff. I really don’t blog on it any more.

  8. Amanda

    I stopped watching Glee a while back; I occasionally watch the Christmas specials. But even then, I don’t think I’ve watched it since 2012.

    • bluchickenninja

      I can never understand why they make Christmas specials. It makes sense if you want it as it first airs, but in the UK the Christmas specials don’t air till March/ April time.

        • bluchickenninja

          I’m not sure. For a while Glee was played on E4 in the UK. It would air around 3 or 4 months after airing in the US which resulted in Christmas in April. But I think Sky bought the rights to Glee so its probably different now.

        • Amanda

          That’s really interesting. Do other American shows do that, resulting in an overload of Christmas shows in April?

        • bluchickenninja

          I’m not sure. To be honest I really don’t watch a huge amount of television. I know that the Top Gear Christmas specials have occasionally aired in March/ April but the presenters know the special will be aired then and therefore take the piss out of it.

  9. Mary Tang

    Thank you Emma for ‘liking’ my last post. I read (and enjoyed) this post and learnt something new (‘ship’) so thanks for that as well. Since you are interested in books, I recommend to you ‘Stoner’, a novel by John Williams, the author who once said, “…to read without joy is stupid”. I guess it would also be stupid to watch anything on TV, without joy.

    • bluchickenninja

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve heard of Stoner before, didn’t know what it was about. But it sounds interesting. I shall add it to my list.

  10. benjii1993

    Haha, what a funny text! Remember I say the two first episodes, mostly because of the covers and maybe because of Lea Michelle? haha!

  11. nikgee

    hi Emma I came by to thank you for the like comments. And I realized you were the one that was into the cats. I sent you an email a while back with pictures of a stray mama cat that happened by my door on VDay. evidently the owner found out she was pregnant and dumped her off. I couldn’t see that happening so now I have a room mate.nick

      • nikgee

        It’s all good for now. I sort of feel like the expecting father If it all goes well with her delivery I will be passing out cigars. Actually I’m s little nervous its a new experience and I an not sure what to expect .i think it is her first litter so instinct is the lead. And thank you for your reply. When I didn’t hear I thought maybe I pushed a wrong button and sent the email somewhere else. Into the cosmos It wouldn’t be the first time or that I was just talking to myself. Anyway it’s all good. nick

        • bluchickenninja

          Everything should go fine. I’m sure there are websites that will tell you how to look after mum and what to do. Maybe take her to a vet just to get checked over?

  12. morgansmuse

    Hi Emma, I like this piece. You really captured what went wrong with this and so many other good shows. I was never into Glee (probably too old in truth) but I can really relate to what you have said and about how the craziness of the fans can just go way too far!
    I see you are a cat lover too! Snap!
    Look forward to some more good reads.
    Clare x

  13. debpaulson

    Really wonderful post! I, too, liked Glee–for about the first two seasons. Then it just got tired. I loved your comment, though, about the fans turning you off.

  14. Katie Louise Halsall

    The last episode I watched was The Quarterback, and even then I wasn’t really into the show at that point. I think once the majority left school it really went downhill… When I discovered it was ending, I did think I’d go back and catch up but I just can’t bring myself to actually want to start!


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