The Big Painting Challenge

The Big Painting Challenge |

In line with The Great British Bake-Off and The Great British Sewing Bee the BBC have created a new competition series. This time to find Britain’s best amateur painter. The final 10 competitors were the “last painters standing” from the 6000 who applied to take part.

The competitors have to prove their skills in a range of artistic mediums – from oil, acrylic and watercolour paintings, to pencil, charcoal and chalk drawing challenges, covering figurative art themes from landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes to still life, portraiture and life drawing.

The Big Painting Challenge |

Judges Daphne Todd OBE, and internationally renowned figurative painter Lachlan Goudie, critique the amateur artists in three specially designed challenges each week. Presenters Una Stubbs and Richard Bacon follow the efforts of the ten determined artists (I’ve been loving Una Stubbs in this, it almost feels like Mrs Hudson is presenting).

The Big Painting Challenge |

I’ve been really enjoying this show, I’m slightly sad that I didn’t find out about it till after the series had finished airing. It has really inspired me to try out some different mediums and techniques. The final 4 episodes of The Big Painting Challenge are still available to watch on the iPlayer, however it seems that it is not available for those outside the UK. Sorry about that.

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26 thoughts on “The Big Painting Challenge

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know about it. Last time I checked there were millions of channels in the US (I may be exaggerating there). Its much easier to find something when you only have 10 or so channels to pick from.

    1. I think there are shows like it in the US. There is Project Runway and Face Off. But I think if there was a US version of it, it would be completely different. In the UK the entire show is just about the competition, I’ve found most US shows focus a lot more on the drama between contestants. It gets a bit annoying really.

  1. I tuned into this just to see what it was like. Quite interesting. Unfortunately Una Stubbs reminds me of my art teacher who was a right witch and makes me have nightmares. Oh well. I’ll just stick to the bake off and sewing bee.

  2. It was a rather nice programme, though people said what a weird combination Rich Bacon and Una Stubbs were, she being very wee and slightly quirky, he being tall and the ex- Blue Peter presenter who got sacked for snorting cocaine (though very respectable now, of course.)
    I remember Una from her role as Aunt Sally in the kids TV programme ‘Worzel Gummidge.’ Odd, irritating, headache inducing and her character was horrible.

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