I always find it funny the first time we get a few days of warm weather in Scotland. This past weekend was the first time you could go outside without a jacket since around September time last year. To be honest I was amazed that we even had warm weather, just a week before the temperature had been at almost freezing and it had been trying to snow. It sounds funny to say but we really did have all four seasons in one week.

But the sun seemed to bring everyone out. The park was the busiest I’ve seen it since this time last year. There were traffic problems outside Edinburgh Zoo and Blair Drummond Safari Park. It was almost like every single person in Scotland has been taught to take advantage of the warm weather when they can knowing that we might not see the sun again till our allotted two weeks of summer in July.

Me? I’m just happy to sit outside with the dogs.

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26 Responses to “DAY FIVE”

  1. lola gayle

    I adore the first warm days of Spring. It seems to immediately erase all the winter blues. Our first few gorgeous days here, there were so many people out walking their dogs up and down the street. Enjoy your wonderful weather!

  2. Florida Minimalist

    My daughter’s girlfriend is from Oban. Sounds like Florida weather, we only have Summer and Fall but occasionally during a cold snap we’ll get all four seasons in a week too!

      • Florida Minimalist

        Occasionally. Haven’t had a big one in years though. They aren’t usually as bad as they look on the radar. Besides, we get at least two weeks notice thanks to modern technology. There was only one in my lifetime that we had to leave town for, I am about 10 miles in from the Coast.

  3. Hopkins

    It is the same here in mainland europe, after the last few months the warm weather draws people out like moths to a flame.

    • bluchickenninja

      I always just assumed that the weather was better in Europe no matter what! I remember being in France one year around March time and being amazed that I didn’t need a jacket.

      • Hopkins

        The last two years have been non stop april weather. We’re amazed too when we can leave an additional layer of clothes at home 🙂

  4. Charlie

    After a few days straight of rain, the sun *finally* came out today. You’d think we all lost our minds with the amount of people out in the sunshine. Well, come to think of it, we probably did lose our minds for a season.

  5. koehlerjoni

    I’m glad you are having nice warm weather. We’re trying to enjoy our mild weather before it turns into summer for the next 8 months.


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