I always feel weird when I say I enjoy writing because my English teachers did everything they could to make me hate it. But this isn’t writing about the non-existent themes in some random poem. This is writing for the sake of writing and I’m quite enjoying it.

I’ve found that writing more is actually improving my writing (well duh!) but I’m not doing this to become the best writer that ever lived. I’m just enjoying spending 15 minutes every day getting my thoughts down. I just want to take a moment and thank the people who tagged me in this challenge because I think I’m going to continue with it for a while. I had other plans for this month but I want to see where this goes (and I hope it doesn’t annoy anyone).

Thanks for reading.
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33 Responses to “DAY SIX”

  1. raulconde001

    It doesn’t annoy me in any manner. I think if you write everyday the writing gets better. Mine is getting better, also. 🙂

  2. moonike

    Something about these two passages.. beautifully written.. ethereal even.

    (i’m not sure what i’m trying to say, let’s just say I agree with you =))

  3. postconsumerbookclub

    Getting into the habit of writing regularly is one of the reasons I started my blog about reading (!) As you say, it is quite liberating to just commit and write regularly. I suppose it is liberating to commit to anything as see it through. Well done, keep it up 🙂

    • bluchickenninja

      I know that many people start a blog to practice their writing and I understand why. Its a brilliant way to improve. I’ve spent the last year trying to convince an author friend to start a blog for that exact reason. Also its fun!

      Thank you.

    • bluchickenninja

      We did a lot of writing about themes in poems and stuff. I didn’t understand it at all. We were really not given any time to practice reflective writing or story writing. Even though you could do those two things in the exams. Also I wrote so many essays about the Romeo and Juliet movie that I literally can’t watch it any more.

    • vgabow

      I was wondering much the same thing as Diary Away! I’m an English teacher (in the U.S.) and I often feel bad that so many students say they hate reading and writing because of how it is forced in school. It makes me sad. I feel like they’re losing out on two very magical and often cathartic activities. But then I see the other side of it as well. This is what is required and there’s minimal time left over for the fun and creative. I try to bring both into my teaching, but sometimes it is difficult to balance. I like to give options for student projects when I can. Honestly, sometimes I think if I could make it so even just ONE student who came into my class not liking to read or write walk out saying that they enjoyed it, it would be worth losing in the high stakes standardized testing game we have to play here.

      • bluchickenninja

        I don’t know if this will help any but I can give you my perspective on reading in high school.

        So for the first couple of years in high school we would have 1 period of English a week where we would read. You would read a book then fill in a sheet about it (themes and plot and stuff) then write it in a diary type thing. You would get awards for how many books you had read. Now I loved reading but I hated filling in those sheets. But I also read long books, Lord of the Rings and stuff like that. So I would go read longer books than everyone else but because they were longer I didn’t read as many books. I also didn’t tell them exactly what books I had read because then I would have to go fill in a sheet about them. I was reading loads of Star Trek novels at the time and its a bit difficult to find themes in a terrible Star Trek book, which is to say all of them. I read loads of books but I didn’t want to write them in the diary which meant it looked like I didn’t read at all. I enjoyed reading I just didn’t like analysing the books I was reading.

  4. motionsicklit

    Writing is good for the brain, the soul. Whether you’re writing fiction, stream-of-consciousness thoughts, or even a poetry response paper, it’s a means of expression and catharsis. It’s an exploration of somethign.

    I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve been excited to work on research papers. If it’s something you’re passionate about, then it’s not work. I’m weird, I know.

    Glad you’ve found some enjoyment in writing.

  5. katina bobina

    I used to have English teachers who made me hate writing too. Lol but now I love it since I’m writing everyday!

  6. Belles and Whistles

    I so enjoy the melody of your writing–feisty is more crisp, thoughtful is like a meandering brook (still heading somewhere, just enjoying the sights along the way!). Keep it up!

  7. jessicacrafts

    Haha. I was the same in English class. I hated it! I don’t want to write an essay about the themes and context. I want to write about the story!


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