A few days ago I tweeted out asking why people never talk about the Stormlight Archive series when they talk about Brandon Sanderson’s books. I got a reply from his editor (which was really freaking cool) he said that “YA readers mostly haven’t read Stormlight Archive yet”.

I’m probably going to annoy some people here (quick reminder that we are all adults) but it really bugs me when people only read in one genre. Especially YA, because YA is not any better than any other genre, like all books you get good YA and you get bad YA. But it almost seems like a community has grown (I’m talking about booktube here) when people mostly read YA.

I’m not saying reading YA is bad. It just annoys me because these people make out like these YA books are amazing, and generally I’ve found that they are not, they are average at best. But these books are so hyped up that people think they are amazing. Throne of Glass is one example. Another is We Were Liars, I mean I was more upset over the dogs in We Were Liars than the “huge” plot twist.

I’m not trying to hate on people who read YA, it would be a bit hypocritical seeing as I read YA but I just wish people would read more than YA. They are missing out on so many brilliant books because they only read in one genre. One of my favourite things to do is go to the huge Waterstones on Sauchiehall Street street in Glasgow. It has 5 floors full of books, and I take 2 or 3 hours and just walk around the entire store looking for something interesting. And if I find an interesting book in the spirituality section, or graphic novels thats great. But it seems like some of these people would go straight to the YA section and not look anywhere else, and they are missing out on so much because of that.

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40 thoughts on “DAY EIGHT

  1. I downloaded “The Way of Kings” as an e-book on my Kindle and I rather enjoyed it. However, when I tried to read a library copy of the 2nd Stormlight Archive book, I got frustrated and quit within 5 pages. I suspect it was because the durn book was so heavy.

    • I’m guessing that was the US edition? In the UK you can get the books in 2 parts. They are still pretty big (500 or 600 pages), but they aren’t so big that you can’t hold them.

  2. I think there is also a wealth of literature that isn’t YA that is actually stories about young adulthood and the themes that the popular YA authors keep reusing, which are archetypal and not just a YA thing.

    Maybe the way that classic literature is forced on kids at school makes them wary of anything that’s not modern, but there are so many great books that cover the popular aspects of YA that get overlooked.

    It interests me why teenage girls are getting really dystopian and apocalyptic with their genre choices. It must suck to be a girl right now if Hunger Games is a fun bit of reading relief!

    • Oh yeah there are tonnes of non-YA books with young adult characters in the,

      I have to admit I was never bothered about reading in school, but we really didn’t read classics and I was one of those weird kids that actually enjoyed reading!

  3. You are so right. Most people on Booktube read only YA :/ I love how honest you are about We Were Liars. I share the same feeling. The plot twist that was supposed to be so good and so unexpected I saw coming from miles away :/ Thumbs up for reading diversely!

    • I like Rosianna’s (missxrojas) videos and she went on and on about how good We Were Liars is, I ended up really disappointed with it. To be honest I really don’t take recommendations from most book tubers now because of that.

      Also THANK YOU, reading diversely was the phrase I was looking for. I can’t do words!

  4. Yes, the U.S. Edition. I think there is a psychological barrier (for me, anyway) in starting any book that presents longer than 500 pages. YA novels tend to be shorter (though not always), so that may also be part of the appeal.

    • Ahh yeah, I wonder if thats why reading the ebook version of long books is easier. Because you can’t really see how long the book actually is. I know I read Game of Thrones as an ebook.

  5. Wow.. I feel like I’m living under a rock or something, wasn’t even aware there’s something like booktubers 😀

    Anyways, I’m afraid that avid YA-only-readers are not the only ones who don’t read any other genre. There’s a lot people who only go as far as the crime-shelf, or the fantasy-shelf, or the chick-lit-shelf (which contains probably more hot and steam than 50shades).
    It’s true that diverse reading gives a much wider picture, but then again.. perhaps they are reading for different reasons entirely.. for entertainment only, for taking their minds off everyday issues etc. Each to their own, and maybe everyone moves or doesn’t move on from YA in their own time.

    More power to you, though, for being a diverse reader!

    • Yes, booktube is a thing 😛 Booktube videos aren’t as popular as the beauty gurus or Let’s Players but its turning into a proper thing. Especially in the publishing world which is cool. Also if you’re looking for booktubers watch Ariel Bissett or BooksandQuills.

      • Ah, alright. I guess many things that used to be in written blog-format only are expanding over to YT as well.
        I knew about letsplayers, cause there are a few roleplaying ones who’ve made rather interesting series, but apparently I am not enough woman despite being a woman, so that beauty gurus have left me indifferent and they almost don’t exist in my world.. on 2nd thought.. they don’t, they really don’t exist in my world 😀 Booktube sounds interesting though, I will check out those you’ve recommended. Thanks 🙂

        • Yeah its sort of understandable how that has happened. Especially with how YouTube has grown.

          I have to admit I do enjoy watching the beauty gurus. I don’t care about their make up and fashion videos but many of them make daily vlogs which I find fascinating.

          Enjoy 🙂

  6. I agree. I know a lot of people who *only* read YA and romance and they absolutely will not try anything else. It seems like such a missed opportunity to me. There are so many amazing books out there waiting to be discovered. I listened to The Way of Kings audiobook. I enjoyed it.

  7. Agree completely with your opinion on We Were Liars! The plot twist was just bizarre to me, and the dogs were definitely worse. And I also think people should read other genres too! I love YA, and I also read memoirs and biographies some. I admit I could branch out a bit more, but this does inspire me to!

    • Yeah, I was like genuinely upset about the dogs. There was another book as well where a cat gets hurt. I nearly cried. Its at the point now where I care more about animals than actual people in books.

      I used to read loads of autobiographies when I was younger, no idea why. I blame Bill Bryson. Nothing I read compared to his books!

  8. The more widely read one becomes the less impressive a lot of so call good books become. It explains why bestsellers are so popular though.

  9. Some of the best YA books are the ones I read as a kid–I thought they were good at the time, anyway!–Lois Lowry’s, “The Giver” and “Number the Stars” being among them. Also Chaim Potok’s, “The Chosen” and “The Promise”, or most of the books I’ve read by S.E Hinton.

    I’m old, though. (In my 30s, anyway.) The books above predate the fantasy-based explosion of longer books for YA that happened around the time I was graduating high school, and the vampire-based explosion that happened a few years after that; as a result, they’re shorter, but in some ways, more emotive than some of the YA that gets written nowadays. My favourite thing about the above books is that there’s no real attempt to have a super-amazing-unforeseeable plot twist; the books sort of unfold as things that you expect could happen, but manage to surprise you in little ways.

    And if you particularly like shorter books, it’s worth digging around for stuff written when I was at school, or before. (Late 1980s to early 2000s, or earlier, in other words.)

    • Yeah I would say some of the best YA I read was when I was a kid (around 2000). Though I don’t know if some of it qualifies as YA. I was reading Harry Potter, Holes by Louis Sachar, The Artemis Fowl series, pretty much everything by Garth Nix. I think I must have read The Hobbit around then too. Can’t remember. I know I read lots of animal books during that time, many many pony books. Thats what was popular during the 90s.

      I really don’t mind if a book needs to be long to tell the story, what annoys me is when a book is unnecessary long.

  10. 100% with you on reading different genres. I try not to read the same genre back-to-back unless I’m hooked on a series. For some strange reason that I don’t understand, it seems like most YA that’s popular is not fabulous writing. I still enjoy most storylines in the genre, but am often disappointed with the writing quality.

  11. The comments have me thinking about book length in general (and not just in relationship to YA). Did you think the “Way of Kings” and/or “Words of Radiance” were unnecessarily long or about right? I enjoyed the “Way of Kings” audio book. The narrators (Kate Reading and Michael Kramer) did a lovely job and I don’t think I would have made it through without their help. The world building was relentless, almost self indulgent at times. I’m tempted to try reading (as opposed to listening) to #2, but just looking at it makes me wince. These storming books are storming long…..

    • I really enjoyed Way of Kings, haven’t started Words of Radiance yet though! I think with long books I am much more critical with them. I enjoy reading long books but they have to be really good if I’m going to spend 2+ weeks reading it.

      There was a lot of world building but you kind of expect that with epic fantasy. I liked that it did take the time to explain some stuff instead of jumping straight into the plot which can happen with some shorter fantasy books.

      I do have the audio books for both, they are really brilliant, but I’ve found its faster to just read the books.

  12. Soo true. I try to read a little of everything. A good YA can be really interesting but I’m not a YA myself so I need more from my books. Like a stock portfolio, diversity is best.

  13. I know what you mean, I love reading books from all kinds of genres. I used to only read chick-lit when I was a teenager, but I once spent the six weeks school holiday working my way through my local library (I had been grounded by my mum so I had the time!), and it really broadened my ideas on books 🙂

    • Yeah its amazing how many interesting books you find in a library. I spend a lot of time in the library during my final year of high school. The Bill Bryson section just happened to be right next to the study area, I think its safe to say I read many Bill Bryson books and didn’t get much studying done during that year.

      • I have to admit that I haven’t read any Bill Bryson books yet, but they are on my list of books to read in the future. One thing I loved about the library when I was a teenager was being able to borrow cassette albums and take them home. I got introduced to some fantastic albums that way 🙂

        • If you get the chance read A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson, its one of my all time favourite books. Yeah, I used to get videos from the library, didn’t get them too often though!

  14. lol…I used to only read YA books, and then one day I was like, “wait…what am I doing?”
    I figured I couldn’t spend the rest of my life reading books about kids and their pets, or about anthropomorphic rodents. Or YA Holocaust books. I used to gravitate towards those three types of stories a LOT when I was young. And then LOTR happened for me and I started branching out more because I wanted to read about mythology and the history of the books…it was quite a jump from talking mice.

    • I never went through a phase of reading only childrens/ YA books, but that is entirely because of Lord of the Rings. That got me onto the sci-fi/ fantasy stuff.

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