So I’m currently reading We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach (its pretty good so far) but I what I want to talk about is one of the characters. I will try to not give away any spoilers but basically this character creates a blog that becomes an overnight sensation. And I find this really interesting. Blogs are a relatively new thing in books, I think I’ve read one other book that has a blog as an important plot point. There was also a book released recently where a girl makes beauty videos on YouTube. The thing I find interesting about this is how wrong authors get the whole blogging thing.

In this and the other book I read (The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting) the characters both create blogs which become internet sensations, I know this is more interesting from a story point of view but it almost never happens. Like I have no memory of a blog becoming famous overnight. Yeah sometimes you get youtube videos that become famous, we had that thing over the dress a few months ago. But most people don’t set up a blog that becomes well known within a few days. I mean even people like Zoella or the Humans of New York guy had been writing on their blog for years before they became famous.

And the thing is I would love to read a book that has a realistic story about a blogger (I even thought about trying to write one), but I know a realistic story would be so boring that no one would want to read it. I mean most bloggers work for years and if they get lucky (emphasis on the if), if they get lucky their blog becomes famous. Most people never have that, they might be reasonably popular within a small group of people, but never famous. I just find it interesting how authors manage to get the whole blogging thing wrong considering how many authors have a blog now.

Edit: I just remembered that the most realistic portrayal of a character with a blog was in Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld. The character in this book is an author who has a Tumblr but only uses it occasionally, it doesn’t have many followers and it really doesn’t play a huge role in the book. Or any role to be honest.

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16 Responses to “DAY TEN”

  1. legreene515

    You’re right. They do it to make the character more interesting. They’re not concerned with whether it’s realistic or not. It’s kind of like a writer becoming famous overnight–never happens! (or rarely!)

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah, I don’t mind them doing it to make the story more interesting. I would just like to read a realistic portrayal of a blogger for once. Though I do admit that could be quite boring!

  2. mikemjensen

    I find that a number of writers like to include their own wishes in the writing. Some think it adds depth to the character, I generally find it annoying. A story or movie that features a writer as the main character starts with a mark against it for me. A blog success over night would be a “writer wish”.

  3. Chili Jess

    I don’t know about realistic blogger story writing but I am sure that with the right tone and the right anecdotes, even that could be amazing. Have you seen this movie “Frank” with this guy turning a small twitter sensation? I think this was a crazily good though realistic movie.
    Also, there could be a story about a guy like Casey Neistat, the vlogger, who did turn into a sensation after many many years. But his story and his life are pretty fun.
    There is hope for a realistic interesting blogger story. If you already had the idea, maybe you can write it?

    • bluchickenninja

      I haven’t seen Frank but I’ve seen Chef which is quite similar to it I think. Its about a chef that turns into a twitter sensation.

      I’ve seen a couple of Casey Neistat’s videos. They are pretty great.

      I think its possible to have a good story about bloggers, even just social media in general. Not sure if I would be the best person to write it though!

  4. curtisbausse

    Well, I guess it all depends on how it’s written. There’s a good story behind every blog if we just take the time to tease it out.

  5. Run Wright

    The truth about blogging: I stay up until 2 am pouring my heart out, working on what I think will be a great post that will resonate with others and I get maybe 2 likes and a comment. I’m considering bribing people I know just to visit my blog. That’s my story!
    Nobody would want to read about that in a book. 😊

  6. Samir Bajpai

    The only ways our blog would become a sensation overnight is to write
    a) something controversial
    b) something hateful
    b) falsehood about someone globally liked
    Else blogging is a a grind.

  7. Daryl

    “. . . the most realistic portrayal . . . The character in this book is an author who has a Tumblr but only uses it occasionally. . .” Ain’t that the truth?
    Your blogs are titled by day numbers, are you trying to blog a specific number of days consecutively or do you have some other goal you’re aiming for?

    • bluchickenninja

      This series started out as the 5 day black and white challenge. Hence the day one, day two ect. When I got to day 5 I decided I was enjoying writing every day so I just continued with it for a while. I’m not really sure how long it will go on for.

  8. reesertshadow

    There is a fairly awesome book I read by Joann Harris — blueeyedboy — where half of the book takes place over a sort of blog group where the main character revises his whole life story to make himself seem like a villain. Or…maybe he really is. It’s a really ambiguous book, but all the better for that.


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