I didn’t have time to write an interesting post today so instead I wanted to talk about my trip into town yesterday. I really don’t get into town that often so sometimes its nice just being able to eat way too much pizza, buy every Harry Potter t-shirt Primark has in stock and have a little wander around my local Waterstones.

I just want to talk about Waterstones for a second, I picked out a book I wanted to buy (The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis), its one I’ve never heard of before which was interesting considering I’m part of the book community online (at least I think I am). The cashier and I had a little discussion about how nice the cover was and the perils of picking a book based on the cover alone (sometimes you get a gem other times you get a piece of crap).

And then the cashier went and did her little spiel asking if I wanted to buy any of the books next to the till, I really don’t mind them doing this, she was really nice and was actually able to tell me a little about the books. She even mentioned that she had started reading one of them. The problem I have with this is I can never tell if the cashier is wanting to recommend a book they genuinely enjoyed or if they just want me to buy another book. I’ve bought a couple of books Waterstones have had out next to the tills, I’ve even really enjoyed some of them. But I haven’t bought it because the cashier told me it was good, most of the time I bought it on a whim after hearing about it online. I think I would just like to know if the cashier is giving me a recommendation because they genuinely enjoyed a book and not just because they have to sell them.

Edit: I think she was the same woman who recommended The Bone Season to me after seeing I had bought The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. So I think she does genuinely like books, however I know there are a number of others working in that store who just try to sell you books, the “I haven’t read this but my colleague has” really gives it away.

Thanks for reading.
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8 Responses to “DAY TWELVE”

  1. Run Wright

    I like to hear a good book recommendation but I’m with you, I don’t always trust them. Haha. So. Did you buy it?

    • bluchickenninja

      No I didn’t buy any of the ones she recommended. Technically I’m on a book buying ban and yet I still ended up buying two books yesterday!

  2. ljaylj

    I don’t mind recommendations based on something similar to what I am purchasing. If I’m buying a sci-fi space novel and the cashier recommends a romantic novel that is on the counter, I’m a bit put out. If they recommend a different author in the same or similar genre, I’m okay with it, especially if they say they have read and like the book they’re recommending.

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah, I don’t mind if its something similar to what I’m buying. Its a bit annoying if they have a book they are trying to sell to everyone.

  3. David Lee Summers

    Hope you enjoy Ian’s book — I haven’t read that one, but I’ve enjoyed his work and he’s a really nice and smart guy. I’ve been on a few panels with him at conventions.


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