I think today I need to make an apology. I normally try and reply to every comment I get, this past week the comments have gotten away from me. And I admit that’s partly my fault. I think I may have tried to do too much this month, I normally try and push myself to see just how much I can do with the chronic fatigue, but I think in the last week I’ve done a little too much.

I’ve been finding that this writing every day thing is really quite easy, it doesn’t take all that much time, but combined with the insomnia and trying to get my portfolio together on top of that I’ve just been too tired for replying to comments. And its not that when I’m tired I can’t reply to comments, its that some comments I want to take time and properly write a reply not “Thanks” or some variation on that. Basically what I’m trying to say is sorry, I’m not ignoring you on purpose.

Thanks for reading.
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28 thoughts on “DAY THIRTEEN

  1. Once I had someone actually get upset because I didn’t write a response to his comments. I “liked” them (they were comments in poetic form), but I really didn’t have much to say, other than “Thank you.” While I felt a bit bad for not having a conversation, I thought his reaction was somewhat excessive.

    Don’t beat yourself up about it.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up over that. I don’t comment on some posts because I think it woud take too long to say what I mean. I also worry that I’ll send the wrong message so I just press ‘like’ and move on. Life;s too complicated to worry about the stuff like that.

  3. Nice of you to say this, but real life outside of blogging is important not to neglect. Those of us who have retired have more time to all these extra things like commenting

      • I know nothing about chronic fatigue, but you need to work with what you have. Some weeks that will be lots and others none… I hope you have some better times soon 🙂

        I know what you mean about community. I want to read books and talk to other people who read other books 🙂 and maybe a bit of writing to boot?? Anything else is a bonus.

        • I’m normally pretty good at managing how much I’m doing, but this past week I’ve been busier than normal and the CFS has been kicking my butt because of that.

          I have to say one of the things I really enjoy about blogging is getting to talk to people about books. I really don’t have anyone any irl people I can talk to about books so its fun having a place to nerd out over them.

  4. Even casual blogging can become overwhelming when it comes to keeping up with comments, etc. Don’t let it get you down and get to it when you can. The comments aren’t going anywhere and the responses will be appreciated even if they arrive later than anticipated. 🙂

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