So I had to go for blood tests today. And I was so ready to complain about how needles were evil and how scientists should stop finding a cure for cancer and other stuff like that and invent the hypospray. I mean there are scientists doing head transplants. HEAD TRANSPLANTS. Some Dr Frankenstein type guy is going to take a persons head and put it on another person’s body. And yet needles are still the best way of getting blood.

But then. The sodding blood tests didn’t even hurt. How am I supposed to complain about how needles are evil when the blood tests didn’t even hurt. No wait. My arm is sore now. Therefore needles are evil because my arm hurts.

TL;DR I hate needles.

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37 Responses to “DAY SIXTEEN”

  1. Aimer Boyz

    You’d think after all this time we would have everything they had in the original Star Trek. So far, we’ve got the communicators and the computer tablets but the hypospray and the transporter? Not so much.
    Personally, I’m a big fan of the transporter. Not having to wait for hours in the airport would be awesome.
    I’m not thrilled with needles either, except for epidurals. Wouldn’t have a baby without one πŸ™‚

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah its interesting. We do have some technology you see in Star Trek. I actually once wrote an essay about how Star Trek has influenced modern technology.

      But transporters would be nice! None of this 20 hour flights to visit friends in Australia.

      I have to say, I hate needles, even if I know they will help. They creep me out so much!

  2. kdbloodworth1

    Always ask for the small (I think they call them butterfly needles). They do not hurt. I ask for them all the time and get them. They don’t bruise my old arm. Since my mastectomy I can only get poked in the right arm, over and over! Hypospray or mouth swab would be good.

    • bluchickenninja

      Ahh I didn’t realise that you could ask for a different needle. Though I’ve found that how much it hurts really depends on who is taking the blood.

  3. emmakwall

    It’s not so much the pain, but the IDEA of a blood test that scares me and reduces my body to a quivering wreck haha.

  4. Ami

    It must be hurt. Aree with you, it depends on who is taking the blood. When the person isn’t skillful enough, it will be a disaster (pardon me for being hyperbolic πŸ™‚ )

    • bluchickenninja

      It totally depends on the person. I hate it when students do injections but they have to learn some way. Last time a student did my flu jab they managed to scratch my arm. I still have the scar!

  5. ghostmmnc

    The needles don’t bother me at all, in fact I like to watch. It’s just worrying about the blood test results that I don’t like. How about tattoos? Would you not like those needles? I have one and am about to get another, and it is fun to watch it appear! I hope your test results come back good, and your arm isn’t sore for long. πŸ™‚

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah, I hate all needles, even the ones for tattoos and piercings. That’s actually the reason why I have no piercings. They creep me out so much.


  6. Persia Karema

    I totally understand your hatred for needles. I was once told to leave a hospital I was sent to for a blood test, because I was wailing like a baby! There must be another way!

  7. Dagny

    That’s so funny, Emma, because I also had blood drawn today and it was easy! I don’t mind it, but sometimes they have a dreadful time getting any blood from me – like I’m a stone or a turnip or something. Once two people failed and finally the third one managed – of all places, the back of my hand.

    Anyway, today I warned the tech that people didn’t like my veins because they were squiggly. She remarked that yes, they were little. She got it on the first try and then thanked me for the warning. She told me she holds it differently and goes in from the side, sort of trapping the vein so it doesn’t have any place to which to move. It still took a while to fill the vial, but just the one puncture.

    • bluchickenninja

      Hahaha yeah. I read somewhere that veins can roll. I found out that one of the veins on my foot does that and it creeped me out so much!

  8. Mrs B

    I am not a big fan of needles either (and like you, visit the “vampires” regularly) but having just recently had a cystocopy I would take needles any time instead!

  9. josmc82

    There’s a Professor at University of Queensland who’s invented a Nanopatch. It kind of looks like a little piece of velcro and it’s applied with a plunger type applicator (like those things you use to put that blob of gel in the loo). It’s still testing, and it doesn’t help with blood tests, but god I hope it takes off, even if it is just for vaccinations.

  10. Dennis the Vizsla

    hello bluchickenninja its dennis the vizsla dog hay needels ar just eevil!!! they leed to things like falling asleep and ending up gitting nooterd i speek frum ekspeeryens!!! but i gess sumtimes they can be yoozd for things like blud tests wot can be gud but stil!!! eevil bad needels!!! ok bye


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