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I’ve been blogging here on for 2 and a half years now. Its something that I’ve come to really enjoy and spend lots of time on. However blogging isn’t cheap, everything from the domain name to the books I review cost money (not all of the books, but some of them). But because of my CFS I can’t work and pay for these things. This is where I am asking you guys for help.

I’ve signed up to Patreon which means if you like my blog and want to see it continue to grow and get better you can help me do that by donating a few dollars every month. This will allow me to do more book reviews on things I actually want to read, show off parts of this great country I call home (maybe even share a couple of brilliant book shops I’ve found) and just make this blog better for you all.

If you can’t help that is totally fine. I don’t believe in putting my content behind a paywall. This blog will stay exactly the same, you will never need to pay to see any of it, however if you do donate on Patreon you will be helping to make that content better. There are also a number of rewards that you can claim if you do help.

$1 – You get access to the Patreon feed. We can talk, you can ask for advice, book recomendations and even suggest topics for me to write about.

$5 – Not only will you get access to the Patreon feed. I will send you a handwritten letter thanking you for donating. Basically pick this if you want a letter from some random person on the internet.

$15 – You will be sent 1 book every month, these will be books I have read and enjoyed and want to share with others. You will mostly be sent a mix of science-fiction and fantasy though there could be other genres as well.
This month I will be sending out: Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

I basically trying to set up a book club via Patreon. Every month you will get a book and then towards the end of the month I will do a full review/ discussion post about it. Then if you are part of the club you can read and take part in the discussion. That sounds simple enough. Right? This book club also needs a name however as the best thing I can come up with right now is the Holy Shit You Need To Read This Book Club, I may need to spend a little more time working on that.

When will rewards ship out?
All rewards will be sent out on the 4th of the following month. For example if you pledge in May your rewards will be sent out on the 4th of June. As Patreon processes payments after the month is over I will not ship anything out until I have received payment.

Will you ship internationally?
Yes. I will ship anywhere. Unless you’re on the moon or Libya or somewhere like that. Apparently the Royal Mail doesn’t like Libya just now. Don’t ask me why.

I realise that money is tight for everyone and if you can’t sign up on Patreon I totally understand. Just you reading my blog is enough for me. Though you can also help in ways that don’t involve money, you can tweet/ facebook and even blog about it. Every little helps.

Support Me On Patreon

Thanks for reading.
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