What I Read In May

So I did really badly with reading in May, however my CFS relapsed at the start of the month, so yeah, I’ve been a bit tired. I’m also in the middle of reading The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, its good but super long and its taking me ages to get through. I’m not even joking, I’ve got through 100 pages in a week.

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What I Read In May | bluchickenninja.com

The Three by Sarah Lotz. I really really enjoyed this, the entire story is told through interviews and transcripts. Its almost like the entire thing is being told from a non-fiction point of view. I also liked the fact that it wasn’t very scary considering its a horror/ thriller. Yes, I am a total wimp.

Comet by Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan has a way with words that I really love. Its a little out of date now but if you’ve ever wanted to learn about comets this is the book to read.

What I Reviewed In May

What I Read In May | bluchickenninja.com

The Secrets We Share ~ The Mountain Can Wait ~ Theft of Life ~ The Rise and Fall of Great Powers
The Spy Who Changed The World ~ Angelfall ~ Barbarians ~ The Secret Place

Thanks for reading.
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10 thoughts on “What I Read In May

  1. Some weeks are better reading weeks than others. But we do it for the love of reading, right? So it doesn’t matter how long a book takes us.
    I’ll check out the link. I’ve never heard of Patreon

    • Yeah, I don’t mind taking longer to really enjoy reading a book. But definitely this month it has been frustrating that I can’t read at times when I want to.

      Oh and thanks 🙂

  2. I’ve wanted to read something by Sagan for a while; now that you liked it I might try it!
    Nice blog you’ve got here!

  3. Hey there ~ I was wondering if you have ever read for Libravox … or use their site for audio books. I am an absolute die hard reader of books vs. a digital device –but couldnt resist recording a few chapters worth of reading for ppl who are nkt able to purchase or read books…. anyway, everytime I visit your blog, I think of that and always forget to mention it :)))

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