The Museum of Things Left Behind by Seni Glaister

The Museum of Things Left Behind by Seni GlaisterRating: 4 / 5 stars
Format: eBook
Published: 21st May 2015
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Vallerosa is every tourist’s dream – a tiny, picturesque country surrounded by lush valleys and verdant mountains; a place sheltered from modern life and the rampant march of capitalism. But in isolation, the locals have grown cranky, unfulfilled and disaffected. In the Presidential Palace hostile Americans, wise to the country’s financial potential, are circling like sharks …

Can the town be fixed? Can the local bar owners be reconciled? Can an unlikely visitor be the agent of change and rejuvenation this broken idyll is crying out for?

This book is what I imagine would happen if you mixed the Vogons from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with the bumbling idiocy of Winnie the Pooh. Its a quirky tale of misunderstandings which turns into a satirical take on capitalism. It was a very strange book, it takes place in a small idyllic country of seemingly no significant importance to the world. To be honest when I started reading this the descriptions made it seem so idyllic that I thought I was going to be reading some strange dystopian fiction.

But I really enjoyed it. It was a thought provoking read that really made you think about capitalism and the role of women in keeping a country running. It was also about tea and had a very good argument for tea becoming a basic human right and that is something I fully support.

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*I received a copy of this book from 4th Estate Books in exchange for an honest review.


8 thoughts on “The Museum of Things Left Behind by Seni Glaister

  1. I don’t know why exactly but it made me think of “Tales from the Town of Widows” by James Cañón – maybe because of the issue of the women ruling a town and keeping it together:) I can strongly recommend that book although it might seem a bit strange if you’re not very familiar with the Colombian culture. Maybe not everybody’s cup of tea:)

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