Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book Festival

The Edinburgh Book Festival is on this year from the 15th to the 31st of August and I need serious help. Every year I want to go to the festival and every year I never go. The end of August is just a really busy time for me. College inductions, Collectormania (Glasgow’s terrible knock-off version of a sci-fi convention) and my birthday all happen around then.

But this year I am planning in advanced and doing the Edinburgh Book Festival. My only problem is there are tons of authors I want to go see and I can’t go see them all. Anyway here is a list of the people/ things I want to see at the festival.

Saturday 15th

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalRobert Douglas-Fairhurst 11:00
Robert Douglas-Fairhurst’s The Story of Alice captures the lives of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell and the iconic story that has enthralled generations for the past 150 years. Tom Pow’s illustrated novel, explores the childhood world of J M Barrie at Moat Brae House that inspired his most famous creation.

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalDavid Mitchell 20:15
The Bone Clocks is David Mitchell’s most accomplished novel to date: a bright star in a luminous constellation of books by this thrillingly audacious and entertaining author. According to the New York Times, he writes ‘with a furious intensity and slapped-awake vitality’.

Sunday 16th

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalMatt Haig 14:15
This year the Siobhan Dowd Trust Memorial Lecture is delivered by novelist Matt Haig, whose books for children, teens and adults brilliantly and cleverly explore the stories that connect us and what it means to be human.

Tuesday 18th

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalKirsty Logan & Jón Kalman Stefánsson 10:15
Kirsty Logan, Scotland’s fastest-rising literary star, presents her highly-anticipated debut novel, The Gracekeepers. Set in a northern archipelago on a flooded earth, it is a dazzling fairy tale that places Logan in the footsteps of Angela Carter.

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalA L Kennedy 13:30
A L Kennedy has enjoyed enormous international acclaim, with novels such as Paradise resulting in her being named a Granta Best Young British Novelist both in 1993 and 2003. But Kennedy’s versatility also stretches to a recent commission to write Doctor Who novels.

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalJohn Darnielle & Gavin Extence 15:30
Fantasy lives and the points where they meet reality are at the heart of the new books by these two rising literary stars. In John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van, a tormented teenager invents a complex and dark adventure game, while Gavin Extence’s The Mirror World of Melody Black tackles a young person’s bipolar disorder.

24th August

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalCatherine Chanter & Emily St John Mandel 20:45
Catherine Chanter’s The Well is a gripping thriller built around a house that harbours some troubling secrets. Emily St John Mandel’s sparkling Station Eleven is George R R Martin’s favourite novel of the year. It is a story of love and nostalgia, 20 years after a flu bug has wiped almost everyone out.

Tuesday 25th

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalPatrick Ness 17:00
Not everyone gets to be the Chosen One who saves the day; most of us are like Mikey, just living our lives the best way we can. Award-winning author Patrick Ness’ bold and irreverent new novel The Rest of Us Just Live Here powerfully reminds us there are many different ways to be remarkable.

Thursday 27th

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalBest of the Brits: Celebrating our Young Adult Fiction 19:00
Daniel Hahn, author of the Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature, talks to some of the best and brightest authors from the British Young Adult fiction scene. Carnegie Medal-nominated Elizabeth Laird and Tanya Landman along with the Bookseller YA Book Prize-shortlisted David Almond and James Dawson come together for a joyful celebration of the richness, diversity and intelligence of writing for young people today.

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalWhat is the 21st Century Doing to Our Teenagers? 19:00
Join Nicola Morgan, author of Blame My Brain and The Teenage Guide to Stress, and find out about the science and psychology of teenage brains and the many challenges adolescents face, such as exams, friendships and anxiety disorders. Morgan believes that books can help us make sense of our problems and argues passionately for the power of reading for pleasure and for ‘readaxation’.

Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book FestivalMichel Faber 20:45
This event heralds the worldwide paperback launch of Michel Faber’s first novel in 6 years, The Book of Strange New Things. With his new novel, Faber has produced a work of stunning originality, a gripping story in which two lovers find themselves a universe away from each other.

What would you go see?
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10 thoughts on “Who Should I See At The Edinburgh Book Festival

  1. Go and see my husband Neill Cameron talk about his favorite manga comics on 28th August 😉 Er, if you like.

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