A Trip On The Highland Rambler

Last weekend I took my dad on a steam trip from Stirling to Inverness. Or at least I was going to, he ended up coming down with the flu so obviously my mum and I went anyway. No point wasting the tickets. The steam engine on this particular trip was the 60136 Tornado, one of the newest trains (built by hand) in the UK. If you’ve ever seen that episode of Top Gear where they race a train to Scotland, it was that train.

I keep saying it but Scotland is really really pretty and the journey between Perth and Inverness through the Cairngorms has some seriously amazing scenery. Honestly at one point I was fully expecting to go round a corner and come across Hogwarts. If you ever get a chance to do this, or even just get a regular train to Inverness. You should do it. You won’t be disappointed.

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

A Trip On The Highland Rambler | bluchickenninja.com

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44 thoughts on “A Trip On The Highland Rambler

  1. Your poor dad, missing out on this trip! I like the ‘obviously my mum and I went anyway’. Beautiful photos and what a train. I travelled so many times from Edinburgh to Leuchars and never tired of the journey, always looking out at the countryside/North Sea – so different each time.

    1. You have no idea how disappointed he was when he decided he couldn’t go. He’s a total train nut! We had been trying to keep it a surprise, he thought he was just going to Stirling for the day.

      I love that train journey. When you can see out over the Forth. So pretty!

  2. There is no place on Earth with such diverse scenery as the UK, and especially Scotland. That’s my opinion, but then I haven’t been everywhere! Not even everywhere in Scotland!

  3. PS. My husband just read this blog and is really jealous – I have now been bombarded by facts about the Tornado. He really feels sorry for your Dad as he’s also mad about trains.

  4. I love steam train rides. You are so lucky to have such gorgeous scenery to go with it. Tell your dad that this just gives you the excuse to take a second trip, with him.

  5. Really lovely pictures, Emma. Scotland is high up on my travel list. It certainly does look like a gorgeous country and I’m also part Scottish, so I feel that I must go just because of that. 🙂

  6. great photos! I am a European, living in US. I miss trains and everything about them, so this post made me smile happily. And Scotland is on my traveling list (before London, ha)

  7. Sounds a great trip! This weekend I’m going up to Scotland myself to go up Ben Nevis. We’d also like to go to an island – do you have any recommendations?

    1. There are a number of really pretty islands. Mull is really nice, the only thing is you need to get a ferry to most of them so you kinda need to plan all that out.

  8. The steam engine did what it does best: took me down the memory lane to the days when we would run to the door of our home in a remote village on seeing the smoke billow and the whistle blow in distance. We would wave our hands at each train that passed in the hope that the driver would see us and wave back. Neither do we see that black steam engine nor the driver anymore. The driver was our father who passed away recently.

    1. Your childhood sounds very similar to the Railway Children. It was really interesting, everywhere we went people had stopped what they were doing to wave at the train as it went past. Steam trains really aren’t something you see that often anymore, bit sad to be honest.

  9. Oooh that looks like such a fantastic trip!! I’m dying to go to Scotland and have been for years! Right now, I’m scheduled for ten days in Scotland in September and want to train it from Edinburgh to Inverness or Aberdeen, stopping in a few places I’ll decide by recommendation when I get there. I was trying to see the map for this trip, but it looks like it was a special offer..? I really hope it wasn’t because your beautiful photos are making my heart melt!!

    1. Ahh yeah sorry it was a one off thing. The website that you book it through (steamdreams.co.uk) have a brochure of all the trips they are running. I read that they might be doing something similar in September to celebrate the Borders railway opening. But you can still get a regular train to Inverness/ Aberdeen and you will get the exact same view. Just no steam train.

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