Station Eleven Giveaway WINNER

I just want to thank everyone that entered the give away, we had some fantastic entries. Joe and I came to a unanimous decision that the winner had to be Lynn with her story about the cats.

The cats prowl, maddened by hunger, feverishly curling round my ankles, and I know because there’ll be no more food, that I must prepare, help them go before me. I make my mind wander, a distraction from my busy hands.
I should feel regret that it’s only me and the cats, that I have no partner, no children ‒ loving or estranged – to accompany me into death. But even at my most hopeless, I can’t regret my stubborn, solitary life – to pretend as much would be a lie and what’s the point of pretence now?
Hands still gripping, still pulling, my eyes drift to the TV and I see that young male newscaster’s been replaced by a jowly woman with bleach brittle hair who resembles my old cafeteria cook. How many staff have they lost since this began, how many dead, to be replaced without a word of explanation?
I think of all that will crumble as mankind slips away: Mona Lisa’s smile cracking and flaking to pigment: Van Gogh’s Sunflowers shattering to seed sized splinters. I focus on this, not the nurseries and the primary schools used as mortuaries, their own teaching staff, their own pupils lying exposed inside ‒ they ran out of body bags days ago.
And now the cats lie in a row, limp on the rug – four wrung necks, four pink, protruding tongues – the last, Logan and I, curled on the couch, he nestled in my arms, purring and oblivious to his fallen comrades. I close my hand around his neck, feel the vibration against my palm. I pause – perhaps I won’t be alone when the end comes.

Thanks again to every one that entered. Tell me in the comments if you want more give aways like this.

Thanks for reading.
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10 Responses to “Station Eleven Giveaway WINNER”

  1. Anonymous

    Love it. Personally I’d like this kind of giveaways as I’m trying to bring myself back to love of reading fiction. I’m reading your reviews a lot.

  2. Lynn Love

    Hi, Emma, thought I’d let you know, I received a bright, shiny copy of Station Eleven through the post today – it’s on the top of my ‘to read’ list. Many thanks again.
    And yes, this was a great challenge – I really enjoyed it


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