Taking Stock

Since we are now halfway through the year (where did the last six months go?!?!?!!?) I thought I would do this taking stock post thing… I think this was originally a tag but I can’t remember where I found it, but if you want to do it aswell feel free.

Taking Stock | bluchickenninja.com

Making: Tea. Thats all I do all day. Literally. Make tea. Read. Make tea. Read. And repeat.


Drinking: Tea. The answer is always tea.

Reading: To Hold The Bridge, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Moon’s Artifice, Moon Dust, Way Down Dark, Born With Teeth, The Lord of Snow and Shadows and many many many more.

Wanting: Tickets for that Harry Potter play which was just announced. I would actually stay in London by myself if I had tickets to see that.

Looking: Out the window. Its raining. I should probably go bring the washing in….

Playing: Cities: Skyline. I love city builders but I had no idea how tiring it would be to watch traffic all day.

Deciding: If I want to take a break from writing this post and go play more Cities: Skyline.

Wishing: That I could read every single book in existence. And not be tired anymore.

Enjoying: The Mechanical by Ian Tregillis. Its basically a steampunk version of I Robot set in Holland in the 1800s. Its pretty good.

Waiting: For Armada by Ernest Cline to be released. I’ve been waiting so long for this book. I even requested it on NetGalley so I could read it earlier and it’s been pending for like 2 weeks now. I don’t think I’ll ever be approved.

Liking: Audible. I sign up when they send me deals for 3 months half price.

Wondering: *THE MARTIAN SPOILERS* How Mark Watney was rescued. It seems like almost every character back on earth has a reason why they shouldn’t go to such effort to save him. Even the other members of the Aries 3 mission have something better to be doing back on Earth. Bit odd considering they are astronauts and prepare for every eventuality. Though apparently they didn’t prepare for leaving someone behind on Mars. */SPOILERS*

Loving: This cover of The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd.

Pondering: If I should just delete the last three prompts because I can’t think of answers to them.

Watching: Orphan Black. I had no idea it was some weird science-fiction-ey type thing. Its pretty good. Also pretty weird. Especially the hot glue gun torture bit.

Hoping: That there are still tickets left for Kirsty Logan’s talk at the Edinburgh book festival.

Marvelling: At something… I dunno. The sun is out and it’s Scotland. Thats a pretty big deal.

Needing: A new bag for college. I’ve searched like 10 websites and I can’t find anything I like.

Smelling: Nothing…. Thats weird.

Wearing: A Harry Potter t-shirt. I love Primark.

Following: YOU! Right this very moment. No that would be weird.

Thinking: Maybe I should have written this post when I wasn’t so tired. Though I’m not sure that would have resulted in more coherent answers.

Admiring: Amanda Palmer. She is so brave.

Sorting: My books into rainbow order. It never ends!!!!!!!

Buying: Everything in the Paperchase sale. No I’m joking. But it will soon be back to school season which is literally my favourite thing in the world. Yaaaay stationery.

Getting: More books. I have a problem.

Bookmarking: This recipe for BBQ chicken pasta bake it looks so good. I have to go buy BBQ sauce now.

Disliking: Tumblr. I used to love it. Now it’s just annoying.

Opening: A new google document. Google Drive is literally the most useful thing in the world.

Giggling: At this video of puppies running for their dinner.

Feeling: Tired. Always tired. I don’t remember what not being tired feels like any more.

Snacking: On caramel rice krispy squares my mum got at the shops. Holy crap they are so good. Also brownies.

Coveting: The Everyman’s Library edition of The Handmaid’s Tale. Or like basically every book that has an Everyman’s Library edition. They are so pretty I want them all.

Wishing: That it wasn’t so hot outside. I love the summer but it makes me feel like shit.

Helping: No one. I’m a bad human being.

Thanks for reading.
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44 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I loved Orphan Black! I binge watched it last week on Netflix and watched the 2 series in two days–that’s right, a series per day! :O

  2. Years ago I was told that for the young the days went slowly and the years went fast and for the old the reverse was true. Careful there, you might be getting old.

  3. The cover of The Last Goodbye is absolutely beautiful, this is coming from a person who’s been in love with instrumental music for a while now, love it. 💙

  4. I love Orphan Black; right up to date with all three seasons watched. Bought the DVD sets for Seasons 1 and 2. Just waiting for 3 to be released next month. That’s how much I love the show. I’ve watched the first two seasons several times already.

  5. that last one, nope you helped me… kill a little time instead of working on my Nano or cooking. Cooking is evil. I need to learn to make sushi, I have a rice cooker, let it do the hard work for me……

  6. I thought the EXACT same thing when I was reading The Martian! The whole time I thought if this were real Mark Watney definitely would have died on Mars. But whatever makes a story, I guess haha
    Also, Orphan Black. Yes!
    And Google Drive is literally the most useful tool in my life right now.

    • Yes! Google drive is great!!

      I was really surprised about that part of the book considering how well Andy Weir portrayed the rest of NASA. One thing I know from reading Chris Hadfield’s autobiography is that they prepare for every eventuality. Like before missions they all sit in a room and do a war games type thing where they talk about what will happen in certain situations. Even stuff like the astronauts dying.

  7. Ahaha. this is a great post. I have a problem buying more books than I can read! They all look so pretty on the shelf. cant resist. -_-

  8. What did you think of the book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell? And did you see the recent BBC adaptation? I liked the book – very imaginative – and thought the adaptation was pretty good considering how difficult the book was to stage.

    • I’m only about 200 pages into it just now and its okay. Sort of boring to be honest. I think I watched about 20 minutes of the first episode, but I’ve been told the series was very good.

  9. A Scottish lass? Greetings from the desert where many of my UK friends have escaped the mists. This week the world is watching golf at St. Andrews and enjoying your romantic mother country from afar. blessings. Sara

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