The Chocolate Book Tag

I was tagged by Luna to do the chocolate book tag. So here it is.

The Chocolate Book Tag |

Dark chocolate: A book that covers a dark topic.
Blaze by Stephen King. Its about a guy who isn’t quite right in the head, and he kidnaps a baby and you almost start feeling sorry for the guy even though he is the ‘baddie’ and kidnaps this little kid.

White chocolate: Your favourite lighthearted, humorous read.
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is the closest thing I have to a ‘lighthearted’ read. Apparently I don’t read many happy books.

Milk chocolate: A book with a lot of hype that you’re dying to read.
The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan. I’ve heard so many people talking about that book and Kirsty Logan is going to be at the Edinburgh Book Festival so I need to read it soon.

Chocolate with a caramel center: A book that makes you feel all gooey in the middle while you read it.
This is a weird one but The Killing Moon by NK Jemisin. I just really love that book.

Wafer free Kit-Kat: A book that has surprised you lately.
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. The movie terrified me as a kid but the book ended up being really good.

Snickers: A book you are going nuts about.
It would have to be either Luna by Ian McDonald or The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. I have reviews for both of these coming out in the next week and they are amazing. Like they could both be in my favourite books of 2015 list.

Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows: A book you would turn to for a comfort read.
Probably either Lirael by Garth Nix or Duma Key by Stephen King.

Thanks for reading.
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18 Responses to “The Chocolate Book Tag”

      • creativechaos81

        I should try it sometime. Still trying to set my blog up so that it’s more organized so my readers know what to expect when. Then I can put fun things in like that.

        • bluchickenninja

          I think that making a blog more organised is a thing you could spend years on and still not be finished. I’m pretty sure I need to go reorganise all my categories again.

          But yes, you should 🙂

  1. juliecround

    What a great idea. If I could remember books that fitted the criteria i would have a go. Great to find someone else who likes Duma Key. I’d like to put ‘My sister lives on the Mantelpiece’ in one of the groups but I’m not sure which one. Is there a nut chocolate? J.

  2. Arec

    This is such an interesting post. Would you mind if I did it?

    I have heard that the Jurassic Park books are amazing but I don’t know if I could read the whole thing.

      • Arec

        Thank you!

        No it’s not very long. It’s not the genres I usually read though so I am not sure if it will hold my interest

        • bluchickenninja

          Ahh okay. I suppose its technically sci-fi but its really more of an adventure/ thriller. Though there are bits of quite complex computer science in it.

  3. Pippa

    I just read The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan… I think it could have been slightly more well written but it was SUCH a beautiful story with gorgeous imagery. Definitely worth a read, plus the cover art is stunning. Pippa
    P.S Thanks for liking my post 🙂

  4. megs

    Super cute idea! I wonder if you could apply it to things other than books?


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