Booktubeathon Wrap Up

Booktubeathon Wrap Up | bluchickenninja

I didn’t go into the Booktubeathon with any expectations, I certainly didn’t plan on reading as many books as I did during cramathon (12 books in 3 days). My vague plan was to read some of the books that I am going to be reviewing over the next few weeks and that sort of worked.

The problem is I was sent a copy of The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet to review and I sort of fell in love with it. Which meant I didn’t want to read it as fast as I could. I acutally prefer taking the time to read a book slowly if I’m really enjoying it, and this is what I wanted to do with The Long Way. However this did mean it really wasn’t the greatest book to read during a readathon.

Booktubeathon Wrap Up | bluchickenninjaBooktubeathon Wrap Up | bluchickenninja

I didn’t complete any of the challenges, but considering that I didn’t plan on completing any of the challenges I really wasn’t too bothered. I ended up finishing The Long Way and Reawakened (and nearly finished The Fifth Season) all of which I will be reviewing over the next two weeks. I finally read the last 100 pages of Airframe since it has been sitting on my currently reading pile for far too long and I DNF’ed Moon’s Artifice because it was really boring. Okay I admit, picking a book based on its cover dosen’t always work.

Booktubeathon Wrap Up | bluchickenninja

And I sacrificed a book for the Instagram likes. 100% would do it again.

Thanks for reading.
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14 thoughts on “Booktubeathon Wrap Up

  1. I’m wondering if you’d ever be interested in designing some book covers for indie sci-fi writers. Paid of course?

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