My Favourite Last Sentences

A few months ago I shared my favourite first sentences in books and so today I decided to share my favourite last sentences. I am just going to put a big spoiler warning on this post since you know, last sentences and all that.

“I am haunted by humans.” – The Book Thief

So I loved Death in The Book Thief. Like I haven’t been able to finish the movie because they cut out my favourite character. The thing I love so much about him is that he is just doing his job, and death is a pretty bad thing to happen to someone. But the entire book is about how the things humans do are actually worse than death.

“We each owe a death, there are no exceptions, I know that, but sometimes, oh God, the Green Mile is so long.” – The Green Mile

So at the end of The Green Mile we see that Paul is living way longer than he should. In a way he is being punished for allowing John Coffey to die. But he is being punished by having to live and see all the people he loves die. Basically he is waiting to die (walking the green mile) but we see that this punishment could last a very very long time “If he could make a mouse live so long, how much longer do I have?”.

“And, abruptly, the concept came, amusing to him even in his pain. … Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.” – I Am Legend

So the people who made the 2007 movie adaption of I Am Legend made a huge, colossal mistake in not killing Robert at the end. Robert is the last of his kind, the terror he feels for these vampires is the exact same terror they feel for him. They are the new race of humans and he is now the monster.

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34 Responses to “My Favourite Last Sentences”

  1. rgemom

    Loved Book Thief. Haven’t watched the movie. It was one of those books if the movie doesn’t live up, it’s ruined. Sigh. Love the post!

  2. AliceIsMental

    I absolutely love the book thief! And also hate that Death was cut out in the movie. I guess that’s why I haven’t watched it yet. But as far as last sentences go, I have to give it to Animal Farm by George Orwell:
    The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

  3. Resa

    Great choices, I loved Death in the Book Thief, and those are some powerful last words.

  4. Ritu

    I’m watching the movie now Emma! It was on Sky On Demand!!! With my kids… I know it’s a 12 but my son learned about the whole WW2 thing last year, and Lil Princess won’t leave us alone, but hey, it’s so education, and I’m here to answer any questions.
    So who was your favourite character…?

    • bluchickenninja

      Oh thats good! I loved Death, (in the book) the story is told from Death’s point of view. I acutally couldn’t finish the movie because I couldn’t get over the fact that they had cut my favourite character out of it.

  5. Lynn Love

    I am Legend is a stunning book – very nice choice. And I think I’m a bit weird, as I’m the only person I know of who didn’t fall hook line and sinker for the Book Thief – I couldn’t even finish it. Not sure why. I just didn’t grip me. Yeah, definitely a bit weird 🙂

    • bluchickenninja

      I love I Am Legend. I ended up writing an essay about it for my higher English class. I first read The Book Thief years ago, it might have been one of those things where I read it at the right age.

      • Lynn Love

        Impressed you wrote an essay about I am Legend. I’ve not read any other Richard Matheson books, though. I shall have to remedy that 🙂

        • bluchickenninja

          I didn’t say the essay was good! Don’t think I’ve read any of his other books too, didn’t know he had written any others tbh!

        • Lynn Love

          He’s written a few more that were later turned into film – Hell House, The Shrinking Man, Stir of Echoes, What Dreams May Come and I think he wrote several episodes of Twilight Zone. A very filmable author 🙂 Keep meaning to find Stir of Echoes as I thought the film was so good.

  6. Magpiemakingdo

    Is it weird that when starting a new fiction book I always read the last sentence of the book first? There’s so much about the book style that I can tell from just that last sentence, and I really love that it sort of gives me a hint at what’s to come without actually giving anything away plot-wise (usually anyway).

    • bluchickenninja

      Thats yeah, a bit weird 😛 Though I think I did that once when reading The Return of the King and got really confused because the book ends when Sam gets back to Hobbiton.


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