Bookshelf Tour: Stuff

So I thought I would start off this bookshelf tour by showing you some of the stuff (junk) on my shelves. I have a little bit of it. I also enjoy collecting book ends (yes I know that’s weird), I hate most of the fancy ornaments normally sold as bookends so I’m pretty much constantly on the lookout for things I can use to stop my books from falling over.

Bookshelf Tour: Stuff |

I love these mugs, they are huge and almost a bit impractical for drinking tea out of (not something you will hear me say often). However they are quite heavy so they work pretty well as bookends, they are also a good place for storing little odds and ends.

Bookshelf Tour: Stuff |

I also quite like using jars as bookends. The large one doubles as my TBR jar (though I haven’t used it in a while). The other is used to store the paper cranes I got at my cousin’s wedding.

Bookshelf Tour: Stuff |

These are possibly my favourite bookends and I’ve had them for years. So way way back when The Lord of the Rings was first being released on DVD you could get fancy collectors editions with the deleted scenes and a fancy bookend. There was also a website where you could go and buy the matching bookend. I never bought the matching ones which is something I’ve come to regret now. I was also never able to get one of the Argonaths which came with the Fellowship collectors box set. Very annoying.

Bookshelf Tour: Stuff |

This is the nerd shrine. We have a couple of wands (though they don’t work), a chocolate frog, a ticket for the Hogwarts Express and Bilbo’s sign from the start of the Fellowship. I love that thing.

Bookshelf Tour: Stuff |

So it really annoys me that even though Lego have been making LOTR and Avengers sets, you can’t actually buy the minifigures on their own. However they do sell the minifigures on keyrings which is pretty cool. I’ve sort of gotten into the habit of buying a keyring every time I go into the Lego store. Which doesn’t happen often for that exact reason.

Bookshelf Tour: Stuff |

I nearly forgot about Frank. He looks after my jewellery.

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41 Responses to “Bookshelf Tour: Stuff”

  1. lola gayle

    Love this! My bookshelves are so dusty that I would be afraid to show them off. But I do have some cool stuff. Glass mosaic watermelon, pottery bunny soup tureen, ceramic funky squirrel, art books for cutting things out of, metal lunchbox, rusty metal insects, and on top our baseball hat collection. That seems to be growing all the time LOL

  2. lumosnox432

    I love your bookspace! It is really getting me motivated to finally organize mine! I just have to figure out how I’m going to do that!

  3. jessicacrafts

    Aha. Love them. My dream is to own a room I can make into a library with floor to ceiling built in wooden bookshelves all along the walls so I can collect all manor of cool things to use as book ends!

  4. creativewriter

    Awesome bookshelf–I never considered using heavy mugs for bookends but that’s a great idea, both decorative and useful. I love the Harry Potter stuff and LOTR bookends. 🙂

  5. ProsperityAndCalamities

    Love love love the jewelry protecting dinosaur, Frank! I don’t wear jewelry but if I did, I’d totally want to get something similar to hold it. I’ve also found that I had a very big mug that I did actually use for tea for a while, but now i use it as a cup for water at my desk at work – it makes sure I drink lots of water because it’s so big. My other way over sized mug is a pencil/marker/scissors holder now.

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah I don’t wear much jewellry too! It made sense to use something I already had instead of buying a box to keep it in (what you see in that photo is literally all of the jewellery I own!).

  6. Caitlin

    You should do professional bookshelf organizing! All of the pictures are great! I still haven’t lived in a place that can fit all of my books, but I’m really looking forward to that day.

  7. kthrog

    Oh my gosh, I love it all! Jars as bookends — what a clever idea!

    And I didn’t know they sold the Lego mini figures separately as key chains. Uh oh. Looks like I need to make a trip to the Lego store.

  8. luanna

    My wand doesn’t work either!!
    I need to have a word with Mr. Ollivander


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