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That is the first two weeks of college over and done with (wow that went by quick!). We started off the year by working on our drawing skills, to be more specific portraits.

Now here is the weird thing, I like drawing portraits, I’m not especially good at it but it’s something I enjoy doing (usually when I come across a selfie on Instagram that I like). Β The thing is, I like doing portraits at home because I can take as long as I want to make sure everything is in proportion and looks right. But we don’t do that in college.

For the most part we are given a short amount of time (20 or 30 minutes) to do a portrait. Now I understand why we do that, the more portraits you draw the better you’re going to get at it. But that doesn’t mean I have to like drawing a portrait in 20 minutes. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me but I would prefer taking as much time as I need to make them as good as I can be (and I’ll probably still not be happy with them but that’s a subject for another post!).

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6 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. This is why I never took art in collage, despite loving it. I can only draw / paint well when it’s to my own schedule. Too much pressure and I’d probably have had mini diva tantrums and chucked all my paintbrushes out! Good job though, I like this πŸ™‚

  2. Unless you are creating portraits or charicatures for pay at an event or theme park, there should be no need to complete one so quickly. I fully agree with the sentiment that if you are going to do one, you want to give it your best work and not be rushed.

  3. I’m the same way when it comes to drawing literally anything. Give me an infinite amount of time and I’ll eventually get it…acceptable. Have you met a number of people who are great at painting but suck at drawing? Cause that’s how I’d describe my art skills and I was wondering if that’s weird or common.

  4. Nice portrait.

    When I was in high school, the art teacher assigned a project for us to find someone to do a pencil portrait of. I picked my aunt, who was probably in her early 50s at the time. I was so proud of my work – it looked just like her! The only problem was, I made sure I included every single facial wrinkle that I saw – and the picture made her look like she was 90 years old! She was not too happy with me.

  5. Portraits are hard. You can get a face to be recognizable easily but getting the face right is much harder. My mother’s great-grandfather, Adam Henderson, was a portrait painter but I have never seen any of his portraits. He also did seascapes and I have seen some of those and he was good. I have tried my hand at drawing and decided instead to stick with words. I enjoy good art, I spent 20 minutes looking at the Mona Lisa trying to decide if it was really good or it was the hype (20 minutes was all I had on my tour) and finally decided it is that good. So, as I said, I enjoy good art but I cannot draw except with words.

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