The Colony by Fred Colton

The Colony by Fred ColtonRating: 3 / 5 stars
Format: ebook
Published: 19th August 2015
Amazon | Goodreads

A deadly explosion rips through the opening gala at Crater’s Crest Lunar Colony and kills dozens of VIPs.

Air Force pilot Tom Hackett finds himself stranded on the dusty plains of the moon with his oxygen running low. And if that wasn’t already bad enough—a platoon of Marines then come gunning for him, convinced he’s the bomber.

As for the actual perpetrators, they are many, they are powerful, and they are getting away with mass murder.

I don’t read self published books. In fact I have a rule that I won’t accept self published books for review because they almost always turn out to be terrible. I feel that just because an author can self publish a book, it doesn’t mean their book is good enough to be published. So when Fred Colton asked me to review his book I was very hesitant. I don’t read self published books but this particular one sounded so interesting it made me break my own rule. And I am very pleased to say that I did actually enjoy The Colony.

The Colony is a fast paced sci-fi thriller partially taking place on Earth and partially taking place on the newly built American colony on the Moon. I thought the characters were really interesting, one character in particular is a sniper and I just find that whole thing fascinating. I think its a really interesting view of what the future could be like where everyone is being monitored constantly, which basically means there is no privacy.

But the thing I enjoyed the most was how this book got around the problem of gravity on the International Space Station. Rather than going down the hard science-fiction route of having some sort of spinning torus that creates gravity. We instead have a sort of artificial gravity in that there are magnets under the floor on the ISS that can hold people down if they are wearing special jackets with metal in them. I really appreciated the fact that there was some explanation of how it worked without being the boring ‘spinny thing makes gravity’ that I have been seeing in a lot of sci-fi books recently.

However it does have some problems, the story is essentially very good, it just needs a little more editing and maybe some more research done into the more sciency bits. This is really a problem I have with all self-published books, not The Colony in particular. But I do feel that with a little more work it could become a very good book.

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*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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