8 Things I’m Loving Just Now

waterstone student reward card

So I recently found out that Waterstones offers a student version of their points reward card. Instead of the regular 3 points for every £1 you spend, you get 10 points. Essentially you get 10% off your purchase. But in points. Have I also mentioned that I am on a no buying books till xmas thing? Because this card is making it very hard to stick to my ban.

Like every other British person I am basically incapable of functioning without at least 3 cups of tea in the morning. Because tea can get really expensive (£1.70 in Costa wtf!!!!) I decided to get a Avex Contigo thermos. Its fantastic, my tea stays warm till lunchtime and it has a special seal so it won’t leak in my bag. This 2 pack is £22 on Amazon but you can get it half price at Costco.


Eclectic Eccentricity is a really cool shop I came across after @booksandquills tweeted about it. They sell vintage space themed jewellery and accessories. I’ve already bought a Space Shuttle Discovery necklace and I know Santa has bought me a few more for Christmas (including this space man) because Santa didn’t have a PayPal account and had to use mine.

the rest of us just live here

I know I do a wrap up post at the end of every month but I didn’t want to wait another two weeks to talk about this book. It was so funny, I don’t want to give away any spoilers but one of the characters is the grandson of a cat god and basically has cats following him wherever he goes. It was hilarious.

lego wall.e

I’ve seen a large portion of the internet nerd out over this Lego Wall.E set. I couldn’t handle it any more and had to buy him too. He is adorable and I love him and I want to buy more Lego.

public service broadcasting the race for space

Public Service Broadcasting are a musical duo, they play instruments and use samples from old public information films, archive footage and propaganda material, attempting to ‘teach the lessons of the past through the music of the future’. Their second album is all about the space race and includes one of my favourite songs Go! which is about Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. Also can we just talk about how nice the album art is because it’s like really really nice.

harry potter pop funko

I don’t buy many Pop Funkos because they can be very expensive but I’ve been collecting the Harry Potter ones (already have Snape and Voldemort!) because they are freaking adorable. Literally nothing makes me happier than knowing that Hagrid is just a little bigger than the others.

Bookstagram! Basically people take photos of their books and upload them to instagram, and I’ve been having loads of fun with it. Its almost like writing a tiny blog post every day. Also you should totally go follow me on Instagram if you don’t already do that.

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20 thoughts on “8 Things I’m Loving Just Now

  1. Haha, my friend got Wall-E Lego for his birthday yesterday. He is incredibly cute… Though my friend said he was difficult to build (still managed it in about 20 mins, which I thought was good. I’d probably take two days!)

      1. I thought it was pretty fast! Maybe I should enter him for some record breaking, Lego building comp! If it wasn’t for the eyes, I reckon at least 7 mins could have been knocked off his time…!

          1. Haha – if it makes you feel any better he refused to speak to anyone once he started building. So socials skills versus Lego skills… Take which you’d rather have!

  2. I was just reading ‘The Bodysnatcher’ from that same version in the bookstagram photo here. I have been following your advice on how to read more and yesterday’s session really chilled me out. Although the story is really creepy!

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