Life Isn’t Fair

Life Isn't Fair |

Like many others I have seen on here, I have been working on my own (though rather late) version of a 2015 in review post. Though with the news this week I am finding it impossible to look back positively on 2015 when 2016, though only 14 days old has already turned out to be an extraordinarily awful year.

There are no words which can adequately describe my shock at hearing the news of Alan Rickman’s death. Especially coming just days after the death of a musician whose work I highly admired. If I’m honest I’m still hoping this is all an elaborate hoax. But in times like this I think Professor Snape said it best:

It may have escaped your notice, but life isn’t fair.

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14 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Fair

  1. I’m with you: heart-broken. It’s strange that people we have never met can touch our lives and make us so sad when they die. I guess this is the power of art.

  2. I feel like there have been more celebrity deaths in a row lately. It seems I keep saying RIP in Facebook all the damn time. I know I didn’t know these people. And I didn’t necessarily admire some of them as much as other people did. Still, it just seems like a rash of death lately.

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