My Most Anticipated 2016 Releases

So today I thought I would share some of the books I am most excited about in 2016. Going to be honest, I already have a couple of these on pre-order, and to think I was going to try and not buy any books this year. Hahahahahahahaha.

Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, is just a memory. Darth Vader, newly anointed Sith Lord, is ascendant. The Emperor’s chosen apprentice has swiftly proven his loyalty to the dark side. Still, the history of the Sith Order is one of duplicity, betrayal, and acolytes violently usurping their Masters–and the truest measure of Vader’s allegiance has yet to be taken. Until now.

Can you tell that I’m addicted to the Star Wars expanded universe? Yeah… this will be released on the 28th of January and I already have my copy pre-ordered.

The Full Circle Fleet has resumed its explorations of the Delta Quadrant and former Borg space. Captain Regina Farkas of the U.S.S. Vesta makes a promising first contact with the Nihydron-humanoid aliens that are collectors of history. They rarely interact with the species they study but have amassed a large database of numerous races, inhabited planets, and the current geopolitical landscape of a large swath of the quadrant. When an exchange of data is proposed via a formal meeting, the Nihydron representatives are visibly shaken to be greeted by Admiral Kathryn Janeway.

This will be released on the 2nd of February and I admit I had a little nerd out moment when I found out there was another Voyager book being released so soon after Atonement.

Born a lowly Red in the mines of Mars, Darrow lost his beloved wife to the treacherous Gold overlords. Vowing to fight for the future that his wife believed in, Darrow joins a secret revolutionary group and is remade into a Gold so that he can infiltrate the ruling class and bring them down from the inside. Now, after years of hiding amongst the Golds, Darrow is finally ready to declare open revolution and throw off the chains of oppression. Nothing in Darrow’s world has been easily won, and this final fight will be the most harrowing of all.

This will be released on the 2nd of February and trust me, you would have this book on pre-order too if you had read Golden Son (which you totally should).

No one knows exactly when it began or where it originated. A terrifying new plague is spreading like wildfire across the country, striking cities one by one: Boston, Detroit, Seattle. The doctors call it Draco Incendia Trychophyton. To everyone else it’s Dragonscale, a highly contagious, deadly spore that marks its hosts with beautiful black and gold marks across their bodies—before causing them to burst into flames. Millions are infected; blazes erupt everywhere. There is no antidote. No one is safe.

This will be released on the 7th of June, I don’t know a huge amount about it but I’ve been really enjoying Joe Hill’s other books so hopefully this will be good too.

My Most Anticipated 2016 Releases |

The Obelisk Gate by NK Jemisin

The season of endings grows darker as civilization fades into the long cold night. Alabaster Tenring – madman, world-crusher, savior – has returned with a mission: to train his successor, Essun, and thus seal the fate of the Stillness forever. It continues with a lost daughter, found by the enemy. It continues with the obelisks, and an ancient mystery converging on answers at last.

The Fifth Season wasn’t my favourite book by Jemisin but it was still interesting enough to make me want to read the sequel. This will be released on the 16th of August.

Rook Myfanwy Thomas is trying to prevent all out supernatural war with the oldest enemy of the Checquy, but someone keeps trying to assassinate her (again). What is needed is a precise strike that eliminates the problem cleanly and completely. And so these two ancient enemies each select an agent and task them to work together in secret to destroy this cabal working towards war…

The first book in this series (The Rook) was one of the funniest books I read in 2015 and I seriously can’t wait for the sequel, it was originally supposed to be released at the start of 2016 but has been pushed back to the 1st of September.

Unnamed sequel to Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald

According to Amazon this book will be called Luna: Wolf Moon and will be released on the 27th of October, though I can’t verify that information. It will be about (and I know this because the author himself told me) a conflict between Lucas and Alice (or maybe that was the third part he was talking about, I can’t remember).

A Closed And Common Orbit by Becky Chambers. 

This is the sequel to The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet, though I remember reading a blog post somewhere which said it wasn’t a true sequel and is really more about one of the minor characters. This will be released in October and the first chapter is already up on the Hodderscape blog if you want to give it a read.

On the surface, seventeen-year-old Susan King is a normal girl with normal problems – studying for the SAT, getting a date for prom, and worrying about how she’s going to pay for college. Except she’s not really a normal girl at all, and her problems are far from normal. For one thing, Susan has a secret online life as a hacktivist, using the internet to bring down corrupt corporations around the world. For another, Susan’s already a millionaire.

This is the prequel to The Forever Watch which I reviewed about a year ago. This is apparently coming out on the 3rd of November, though it has already been pushed back a number of times so it’s still up for debate whether it actually comes out then.

The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon. 

On the eve of a new decade, after two hundred years of Scion rule, a revolution is beginning. Its unlikely cradle is the clairvoyant underworld in London, and even an old ally’s betrayal cannot stop it. But an enemy from Paige Mahoney’s past is about to return – an enemy that could quench the flame of hope for good . . .

This is the third part of the Bone Season series and will be released on the 3rd of November.

So basically what we can take from this post is that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for books and my bank account is going to hate me.

Thanks for reading.
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7 Responses to “My Most Anticipated 2016 Releases”

  1. stuffthatneedssaying

    I thought I wasn’t going to buy books this year either, since there are over 100 on my to-be-read shelves. I ended up getting 10 books on a Goodwill trip, and then another 4 at Half Price Books while on vacation. And several of the books I’ve read so far have been borrowed, so they didn’t reduce my shelves either. Oops.

  2. Charlie

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for the second in the series by O’Malley! This makes me very happy!


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