A New Sketchbook

A New Sketchbook | bluchickenninja.com

So I just wanted to talk for a second about my new sketchbook. I’ve spent I don’t know how long looking for a watercolour sketchbook, the only problem is they are either far too expensive or in a landscape format (like the Moleskine sketchbook).

After lots of Googling I finally came across this A5 Pink Pig sketchbook, it’s not made specifically for watercolour but it’s fine for light washes. The paper does wrinkle a bit but at £5 I really can’t complain (I also just want to mention that Pink Pig make awesome sketchbooks, I use the A3 ones in college and they are great).

A New Sketchbook | bluchickenninja.com

Recently I’ve been really enjoying doodling simple shapes and patterns. In this sketchbook I have tried doing that but made the backgrounds by letting various colours mix together on the page (there is a technical name for this, I just forgot it). So far I have been liking the result.

A New Sketchbook | bluchickenninja.com

Maybe it’s just me but I think these would make really cool bookmarks. I think I’m going to try that. I may have to paint larger versions of them first.

A New Sketchbook | bluchickenninja.com

Fun fact: this doodle was inspired by the opening title sequence from The Road To El Dorado (link) but this also went on to inspire a logo I did for a corporate identity project which won me £100 and will be used for an arts festival. So thats cool.

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14 thoughts on “A New Sketchbook

  1. Your new sketchbook really looks neat! I agree, that’s much better than a landscape sketch book and I have to say these doodles and paintings are very pretty and easy on the eyes. 🙂

      • You can probably just order these online for now. I’m Asian and over the weekend, I was so surprised to see a Canson pad in our major local bookstore/art supply store’s newsletter and they’re selling it at an incredibly affordable price. I’m used to just buying their watercolor papers. Apparently, the pads are now available here too!

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