If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube

I have to thank Tasha over at thebookiemonsters for this idea. A few weeks ago she wrote about If Disney Princesses Had Modern Jobs and If Disney Villains Had Modern Jobs. And now here is my post: what if Disney princesses were on YouTube? You will notice that I have made some creative choices in who counts as a Disney princess, I am more than willing to argue my reasons why in the comments.

If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube | bluchickenninja.com

Before falling in love with the hunky prince Ariel enjoyed, maybe even obsessed over the things she got from the above world. I mean seriously she had an entire cavern full of stuff she collected. She would most likely have some sort of unboxing channel where she could share all of her thingamabobs, whosits and whatsits with the internet.

If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube | bluchickenninja.com

The thing I’ve found with daily vlogs is that to make them interesting you kind of need to have an interesting life. Otherwise it can get to the point where the most interesting point in a daily vloggers day is them editing the previous days vlog (I’m not even making this up, I’ve seen it happen). Considering Lilo lives with two aliens and that her pet dog is actually an alien I think she has an interesting enough life for a daily vlog.

If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube | bluchickenninja.com

Belle is a no brainer. She would be the ultimate booktuber. Can you just imagine the 3+ hour library tour she would make at the Beast’s castle. It would be amazing. I would watch the shit out of that.

If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube | bluchickenninja.com

When it comes to fashion the Fairy Godmother really knows her stuff. I mean look at that dress she made for Cinderella. And she made a matching carriage for Cinders to go to the ball in. Fairy Godmother would almost certainly be a fashion/ makeup guru.

If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube | bluchickenninja.com

Princess Leia is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man. She would be one of those people on YouTube pointing out all of the social injustices of the Empire. Though I get the feeling she would be too busy out on humanitarian missions and looking for elusive Jedi to have much time for making videos.


29 Responses to “If Disney Princesses Were On YouTube”

  1. Amy

    HAHAH!!! This is a brilliant idea!! And stop on, with what each princess would do on YouTube! Fun post 🙂 🙂

  2. Yvane

    I would watch Belle and Ariel. Ariel especially. I mean just imagine the random assortment of things that would be in her unboxing videos. Hehe!

  3. Annabel McDonald

    I loved this post! Such a brilliant idea. I especially liked Ariel as a unboxing YouTuber. I was thinking that maybe Snow White would be a lifestyle YouTuber, giving away life hacks on tidying your house more efficiently and baking tips!

  4. reesertshadow

    But…making a video is one of the first things Leia does when we meet her character! She’d find time if it was important. 🙂

    • bluchickenninja

      Pretty sure there is a difference between making a video asking for help because Darth Vader is literally at your door and making a video for fun 😛 But yeah out of all of them Leia is closest to already being a youtuber.

  5. 1 Nothing Please

    Omg these are brilliant! I laughed so much :”) I imagine Jasmine from Aladdin would do makeup tutorials and Mulan would have one about fitness and martial arts 😂


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