March Instagram Wrap-Up

I took part in a bookish post-every-day-on-Instagram-challenge-type-thing last month and I thought I would share some of what happened. I know I said a while ago I would post more of my Instagram photos on here and I did, once, so maybe I should do something like this instead? Anyway on to the photos.

March Instagram Wrap-Up | bluchickenninja.comMarch Instagram Wrap-Up |

march TBR / march wrap-up

I think March was one of the only months where I made an actual TBR, I never do this because I don’t stick to it. As you can probably see I only read 2 of the books that were originally on my TBR. And I should point out that I did start the other two, I just found something more interesting to read. This happens a lot, in fact it happens so much I have at least 20 half finished books on my shelves.

March Instagram Wrap-Up | bluchickenninja.comMarch Instagram Wrap-Up |

just finished The Three Body Problem / my “reading nook”

I used to read during the day and then maybe for an hour at night. Now I pretty much only read on the train. The challenge for the right photo was to share an image of my “book nook” which is hard to do when you read on the train. Also can we just talk about how silly the concept of a “book nook” is. Like apparently it’s this special place with cushions and lights where people read. Yeah no… my book nook is wherever I happen to be.

March Instagram Wrap-Up | March Instagram Wrap-Up |

my baking assistant / she gave him a towel to sleep on

It’s so nice having a dog who will literally do anything for a tennis ball. This includes allowing us to put clothes on him for the Instagram likes.

March Instagram Wrap-Up | March Instagram Wrap-Up |

my favourite author / most prized book

If someone asks me what my favourite book is, I’m almost certainly going to mention Harry Potter. But the thing is, I read The Philosopher’s Stone last year and I didn’t love it. The writing wasn’t the best. You could tell it was JK’s first book. So now I can’t tell if I love these books because of nostalgia or if the series got better as it went on. I might do a full re-read of the series over the summer. Anyone want to join me?

March Instagram Wrap-Up | March Instagram Wrap-Up |

tbr shelf / what to read next

So a few months ago my sister got this duvet cover and I fell in love with it. It just looked so good in the background of photos. So eventually I caved and bought the same set. Now my sister and I have matching duvet covers.

March Instagram Wrap-Up | March Instagram Wrap-Up |

before / after

At the start of every year I do a big clear out of my books and donate anything I didn’t like or won’t read again. Only problem is this leaves my shelves in quite a state. Eventually my bookcase annoyed me so much I did a full reorganisation (which took a whole day to do). But in the end I managed to make some more space!

March Instagram Wrap-Up | March Instagram Wrap-Up |

latest purchase / i got a weird mix of books

I have really been trying to not buy so many books, and it’s sort of working. A number of people suggested I try a read-3-buy-1 type thing. I haven’t managed that but I only bought 4 books in March and I’ve finished 2 of them already which isn’t so bad.

Thanks for reading.
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27 thoughts on “March Instagram Wrap-Up

  1. I’ve been meaning to read the HP series for a while but haven’t gotten to it, I seem to always find something else to read 😛 btw, your pictures all look great!

  2. I’m collecting the illustrated Harry Potter books. They’re beautiful! Do I’m rereading the series, but really slowly as I have to wait until the next book comes out. Can’t help you with your book dilemma as I do the same thing with half reading many books at once. If I’m not hooked by chapter 6, I usually don’t finish it.

    • I bought the illustrated edition just for the pictures! Did you see that Buzzfeed released a picture from Chamber of Secrets? Looks like it’s going to be even better. I’ve really been trying to leave books if I’m not enjoying them, but it’s hard. If I start a book I want to finish it.

  3. I think the writing got better as it went on (for HP). That’s my view, that by book 3 she was really finding her voice and hitting her stride in terms of the world building and the backstory for the major characters.

    • It definitely got better as it went on. The thing is it’s been so long since I read the first books, and I was quite young at the time. So I didn’t realise how bad the writing was.

      • Well, what I noticed is: a) you could tell she wasn’t a novelist by trade, and b) the editing was very valuable early on. She certainly has a great imagination and a terrific story to tell, and until she found her feet as a novelist (especially as a YA novelist), I think her editors/publishers did a wonderful job of helping her “navigate.”

        • Yes, I think there’s a lot to be said for reading something as a kid and then re-reading it as a “grown-up.” When my oldest son was about 7-8, I started re-reading books that he was being introduced to, that were around when I was that age. Some of what I saw with my adult eyes was disturbing, and I’ve since encouraged him towards other authors. Some was just as magical, witty, humorous, and worth my time as in my childhood. (Okay, will stop rambling now.)

        • I find it really interesting going back and looking at stuff you liked as a kid with “adult eyes”. I’ve gone back and watched so many kids shows and realised how messed up they are. Especially Thomas the Tank Engine.

        • Lol…my sons love Thomas. But the newer ones have definitely overtaken the original series, and while there are those who are sold on the merits of the original, I really like the newer ones. I’d never heard of it until about 2000, and never intended to introduce it to my kids. My oldest discovered it because of the toys. But I made sure he’s read the original books, too!

        • My oldest has seen every Thomas episode ever made, and read most of the books. They were written back in the ’50s, I believe, but are still in print, ironically, because of the toys and the TV shows!

  4. I love reading, but never find the time anymore! My problem I have is I’m so fussy with my books, it probably takes me longer to choose a book than it does to read it!

    I’d also be up for a full re-read of the HP’s over the summer 😉

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