Doing It For The Stats

Doing It For The Stats |

Everyone likes to say they don’t blog for the numbers but that’s a lie. I do. We all do. There was once a point where I spent more time fretting over my page views than actually writing posts. And the thing I learned from that is it’s not the blog posts that make a difference when it comes to stats (though it does help). Really the thing you should be spending your time on is the social media side, interacting with other bloggers and getting your name out there so people will visit your blog.

And I really did enjoy doing that. It was almost like a game. I wasn’t in competition with anyone but myself. I was constantly pushing to get more page views, more followers, more everything. It has taken me a very long time to realise I don’t actually care about that anymore. I will always find the stats fascinating but I really don’t care if I get 50 or 200 page views a day. I’m doing this thing because no matter how many times I try to deny it, I actually quite like writing and I really don’t care how many people read it.

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43 thoughts on “Doing It For The Stats

  1. You are very right about that. I was also very interested with how many views and like i was getting per post, until i realized that it was actually getting on to my nerves, so i decided, just like you, to write because i enjoy writing. Great post!

  2. I do pay attention to the stats, but I try to remember why I started blogging. I like telling stories, sharing photos and sharing information I’ve found. The stats tell me if it’s working, but I can’t change what I do, so they become irrelevant.

  3. My blog is 2 years old and I only have about 5 people who consistently read it (200 followers, but most are not engaged). Honestly, sometimes I don’t even bother tagging my posts though. And tagging them is about the only effort I put in. When I first started my blog, I was concerned about stats, but I haven’t looked at the stats page in months. I decided that my blog was going to be my place, and I’m writing content for me. I’m trying to sell myself in so many other ways these days that I need a place where I can just be me and make friends – not an audience.

    I might try to make a “popular” blog one day. But I doubt it’ll be this one. FWIW I think you do a good job of creating engaging content that’s still personal.

    • On WordPress tagging is the thing that lets people find your posts and it really helps when it comes to views. But it just depends on what you want to do. If you’re happy with only a few people reading your blog then thats fine!

      And thanks :3 I do try to be as real as possible.

  4. It’s easy to get hung up on the numbers. I’ve been thinking lately that I am need to make my blog more focused, increase traffic, blah blah blah. There’s lots of advice about what a blog is supposed to do and what you need to do to make it a Big Thing. But I’m not sure I could handle a Big Thing right now. I’m happy just putting my stuff into the ether and connecting with people when I can.

    • There is sooooo much advice on how to make your blog popular and I’ve found it’s best to try things and see what works for you.

      For example everyone says post at lunch time or in the evenings so more people will see your post. But I’ve found I get more views when I post at 10am. It’s super weird.

  5. Yea, totally agree. It wasn’t until I started interacting more that I see my stats going up. I know I would get more views if I was even more involved, like on Twitter and such, but I just don’t have the time. These days I’m not as stressed about it, probably because I’m okay with where the stats are at. It should be the love of blogging but we do want someone to read our stuff.

  6. Social media has helped a lot, but I try to make daily goals to comment on other blogs as well. It really helps get your name out there. And it makes me read more blogs. πŸ™‚

  7. It’s tough ignoring the likes and views! I don’t get many but I love when I get comments or replies since I feel the connection to others. Good idea about connecting with social media. Thanks!

  8. Sometimes I think, the thing about getting the views is following the right people, people as interactive as you are. Then again, you should make an effort to read others work too.

  9. Good for you! My page views are abysmal, so while it bothers me a little, it obviously doesn’t but me enough to make me stop ^_^;;

    Comments are the greatest, though.

  10. I like this post. I’m about to try to jump start my blog after about 2 months’ worth of excuses for not posting. Thank you for some encouragement, in a roundabout kinda sorta way.

  11. Great post! I think that’s where I’m at right now, concerned with traffic and trying to understand what posts do and don’t do well. I just came across your blog btw, you have a lovely sense of humour in your posts really fun reading!

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