What I Read In May & June

What I Read In May & June | bluchickenninja.com

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. This book is about how spiders evolve into talking, thinking, reaching-for-the-stars, scary smart spiders. And there are humans too but their part is really quite boring in comparison.

Central Station by Lavie Tidhar. I really wasn’t a fan of Central Station. It felt more like a series of short stories set in the same place rather than a whole cohesive story. The worldbuilding was good but the actual plot was boring.

The King’s Speech by Mark Logue. This is the only non-fiction book I’ve read where I’ve finished it and been genuinely sad because the person who this book is about died. Which really isn’t too much of a surprise considering these events took place 70 years ago. But I was still sad. If you enjoyed the King’s Speech movie definitely read this as you get to see how the King and Logue’s friendship continued throughout the war and after.

Voyage by Stephen Baxter. This is the story of what would have happened to NASA if Kennedy didn’t die. They continue on and send astronauts to Mars. And it’s basically everything that happens (and in some cases goes wrong) so we can send a ship to Mars. I really enjoyed it just for the insight into how NASA works.

Time by Stephen Baxter. I don’t even really know how to describe this book. It’s got an asteroid with a portal to the future inside, it’s got space travelling jellyfish. It gets really weird at the end. And I actually really enjoyed it.

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel. I was a tad disappointed with this book. It was good but the whole thing felt like setup for the next book in the series. If you can get around that it’s actually an interesting story about scientists finding a giant alien robot.

Thanks for reading.
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3 Responses to “What I Read In May & June”

  1. shazzameena

    I just checked if the King Speech book was in my local library catalogue. It is. All free and waiting on the shelf, apparently. Thanks for the recommendation. I loved the movie.


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