Taking Stock Again

Last year I did this taking stock post where I summed up what was going on in my life at that particular moment. I thought it would be fun to do it again and compare with 12 months ago, though I will actually try and take it seriously this time.

Making: Quite a lot of things just now. I’m working on 3 different paintings, or 4, I’m not sure. I’m actually really lucky because my parents took one look at my graphic design work and were all like “we will help you in anyway we can so you can do this thing more”. My parents are well cool.

Cooking: Scones. I have a thing for scones right now. And the best recipe I’ve found is this super simple one from the BBC. But seriously though, fresh, still warm scones will always be better than anything you get in the shops.

Drinking: I’m really liking the pink Fanta stuff just now, though I’ve been trying to not drink too much of it because it’s pretty bad for you. Also tea, especially a nice breakfast tea.

Reading: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I have to make a confession, I went into it assuming it was going to be boring and I made that assumption because it had been nominated for the Man Booker award. I should go apologise to Hanya Yanagihara because it’s not boring.

Wanting: Tickets to Jim Kay’s talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival. I forgot tickets were going on sale on the 21st and by the time I remembered they had all sold out. Hopefully there might be more available closer to the time. Hopefully.

Looking: Forward to the summer. We don’t have any holidays booked but my sister and I have some fun things planned. Remember how I said I have a thing for scones just now. Well it involves that.

Playing: I think the last game I played was Firewatch. I had initially bought it because Olly Moss had done the art style (Olly Moss is a graphic designer and even if you don’t recognise the name you will almost certainly have seen his work). The whole game is a work of art in itself but it’s also one of these interesting new types of game which is really more of a movie that you play.

Deciding: If I want to start making youtube videos again. After doing my animation project at college I remembered how much I enjoy making videos. I already have a few ideas but I don’t particularly want to be in the videos however I’m sure I can find some way around that.

Enjoying: The Hamilton soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the last week. I think it’s the best musical I’ve come across in a long while. Which is weird because it’s a hip-hop musical about a historical figure. It’s the sort of thing I wouldn’t normally like and I’m still obsessed with it.

Waiting: On my tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to arrive. It’s getting very close now and I’ve spent the last 3 weeks frantically avoiding spoilers. Like I haven’t even read any reviews just incase I get spoiled.

Watching: General Washington (Christopher Jackson) sing The Story of Tonight with Elmo.

Wearing: Socks. I hate wearing socks in the house but I have to because I just had part of my toe nail removed and I need to keep the dressing clean. Seriously people, get your ingrown toenails sorted before they get bad.

Following: I recently discovered Seaweed Kisses on BlogLovin’ and it’s all about pens and stationery and it has a section about how people use their notebooks and I’m really loving this blog just now.

Sorting: Out all the books I want to get rid of. I did a big clear out a few months ago and I still have books I don’t want. To be honest I mostly do this so I have space for more books. But there is also no point keeping something I’m not going to read again.

Buying: I’m currently on a read 3 books buy 1 thing just now. It seems to be working pretty well and I just got a book so I won’t be buying another for a while. But I know the next book I get will be Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Bookmarking: cultpens.com They sell pens and notebooks and literally any type of stationery you can think of. And they are based in the UK so you don’t need to have stuff shipped from the US.

Disliking: How everyone is calling the Remain voters “sore losers”. Is is not obvious that things are already going to shit over this vote to leave the EU. And now it’s turning out the Brexit campaigners lied and some didn’t even want to leave in the first place.

Feeling: Tired. Always tired. To the point there is really no point even mentioning it.

Snacking: Graze makes lemon flapjacks and they are seriously the nicest flapjacks you can get. Another plus is you can buy the Graze packs in Sainsburys now so you don’t need to order a box off the Graze website and hope you get what you want.

Coveting: The new Hogwarts Express funko. I want it so much but I already have a Harry funko and don’t see the point of having multiples of the same character.

Thanks for reading.
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