My 2016 BookTubeAThon Wrap Up

I didn’t manage to read 7 books this year but I really didn’t think I was going to read 7 in the first place. If you want to see what I originally planned on reading check out my BookTubeAThon TBR. In the end I managed to read:

The Road To Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson
The Girl On The Road by Monica Byrne
On Bowie by Rob Sheffield

I originally read Bill Bryson’s books years ago at school and I forgot how much I enjoyed them. I wouldn’t say this was my favourite but it was okay. After reading it I actually went on to watch the movie adaptation of A Walk In The Woods which is my favourite Bryson book (the movie is currently on Amazon Prime btw). The movie is a little strange though because it’s a non-fiction book so you have Robert Redford playing the real life Bill Bryson.

I really did try to read The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, I had actually planned on reviewing it this week for the Monster Goddess book club but I just couldn’t get into it. I think I expected it to be similar to Cloud Atlas which it wasn’t.

I picked The Girl On The Road for the ‘read a book with yellow on the cover’ challenge. I thought this was an appropriate book to choose since I originally bought this book because I liked the cover (and yes it does have yellow on it). I’m very pleased to say this is one of those rare occasions when the book is just as good as it’s cover.

This was the point I started getting bored of my TBR (which is the reason why I don’t make TBRs). I started The Martian and though I really like it, it hasn’t been long enough since I last read it so I kind of knew what was going to happen and I wasn’t enjoying it. One thing I did realise however is what a good job the filmmakers did at casting the movie. All the actors are the exact sort of person you would expect in that role. Does that even make sense?

I also started Starmaker and I was enjoying it, someone on Twitter actually asked me to review it because apparently it’s a underrated classic sci-fi. But it just wasn’t what I wanted to read at that particular time. Basically I gave up on BookTubeAThon on the Friday after reading On Bowie by Rob Sheffield. This was a book I had requested from bookbridgr and was very excited to read. I was even happier when I managed to read and review it all in a single day!

So yeah I only read 3 books this year, which was fine. It was fun. Maybe next year I will join in on all the stuff happening on YouTube.

Thanks for reading.
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