Designing Skateboard Graphics

Continuing on from the media exploration project we got to learn a little more about using media and practise some computer skills by designing a series of skateboards. This was a little more difficult as we had to create 5 designs which were part of a series so they all had to match in a way. Again we were going to use ‘urban Glasgow’ as inspiration for this project and this time we got to go out and take photographs around the center and east end of Glasgow to use in the project.

I found this project surprisingly difficult. I wanted to do something on the computer but the grungy urban look is something thats hard to achieve using Illustrator. I ended up doing a typographic design using signs you find all around Glasgow and I really liked the result. I especially liked the first and fourth board. I wasn’t so happy with the others but I think this sort of thing needs lots of detail in the design to make it look interesting.

Designing Skateboard Graphics |

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6 thoughts on “Designing Skateboard Graphics

  1. wow these look great! the fourth one esp looks nice!! :0 i feel like that white rectangle in the third one is really distracting but if it weren’t there in that color that board would be my second favorite xD

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