My Weekly Layout In The Iconic Planner

I recently bought a Seize The Day planner for going back to college, and as you may have seen in my review the thing I liked about it was how simple the weekly and monthly pages were. So today I thought I would share how I have been using the weekly pages and how I have been customizing it to my needs.

How I Use My Seize The Day Planner |

My layout is actually very similar to what I had been using in my bullet journal. The main reason why I switched from a bujo to a proper planner is it meant I didn’t spend quite so much time getting my weekly spread laid out. I loved my bullet journal but it took me so long to set everything up every month. Just drawing the headers took ages. So in this planner I have utilised washi tape and some custom stickers to speed up the process each week. I use washi tape to seperate out the days (and notice how I used a different washi for the weekend too), and I created a timeline using Adobe Illustrator which I print off onto label paper. This means I don’t spend as much time time drawing it out and I can stick it on top of the washi to add visual interest.

Usually the ‘today’ headers and dates would just be written out on a sharpie but I’ve been trying out some planner stickers that I got from Etsy. I got a sheet of date stickers from BitsofStationery, these have a full month of dates and week headers and I was able to customize the colour. I also bought a full planner kit from VivaStationery, this kit was originally designed for the Erin Condren planner but I’ve been finding ways to adapt the stickers for my own planner.

The most important thing I’ve found with planning is though I like being able to set it up exactly how I want it, I also need to be able to set it up as quickly as possible. I write out a to-do list every morning of things that are needing done and I don’t want to spend any more time than is necessary on it. Surprisingly the stickers actually make this process much faster.

How I Use My Seize The Day Planner |

One other thing this planner doesn’t include is a bookmark so I ended up making my own by removing a page and tracing where the holes for the rings are. It’s amazing how a tiny thing like a bookmark makes a planner so much easier to use.

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5 Responses to “My Weekly Layout In The Iconic Planner”

  1. The Studious Ninja in Stitches

    I think it’s awesome! I used Illustrator to design my own planner as well. For the past few months I’ve tweaked it a bit as things change around and I loved getting to have things my way. Yours looks really well done!! I wish you the best in your college endeavors :).


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