On Missing Home

On Missing Home | bluchickenninja.com

A long long time ago I wrote a post about how I liked staying away from home. Three years, a near death experience (that may be a little exaggeration) and one chronic illness later I am again staying away from home and I hate it. I can’t even work out why I don’t like it.

It’s almost as if I’ve become too accustomed to living with my parents and being around my stuff and my books and my dogs. I feel like this is the sort of thing I’m going to have to get used to at some point. I mean I can’t stay with my parents forever, but I hate this. Whatever this weird thing is I’m feeling.

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Incase you haven’t already guessed I’m back at college so posts may be a little weird till I can get back in a proper blogging routine.


6 Responses to “On Missing Home”

  1. 1 Nothing Please

    I completely understand that feeling, it will get better when you have more work to distract you and you go out with friends more. I just keep in touch via Skype and WhatsApp on a fairly regularly basis when I am away. This is normal, you aren’t ever alone and it will all be okay 🙂

  2. Magpiemakingdo

    The pets were always the big kicker for me when I dormed, and then when I finally moved out. Good luck with your first weeks, and I hope the homesickness lessens enough to let you enjoy yourself!

  3. Aimer Boyz

    I hope this away-from-home strangeness wears off and you feel better about the new place 🙂 Are you living in residence at school?


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