Am I Doing This Right?

Am I Doing This Right? |

The problem with starting a new year at college is you start learning from the beginning all over again. This means for a while no more designing logos or advertising campaigns or posters. You’re back at the start creating lines, shapes and patterns. And the problem with this is when you compare doodling to everything else it seems to easy it makes you wonder if you’re actually doing it right. I mean this is something anyone could do. But apparently it’s important because it leads on to the harder stuff.

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13 Responses to “Am I Doing This Right?”

  1. moonike

    Understand what you mean, I’m taking drawing courses, last year beginners, this year advanced. In the beginner’s by the end of the year we got to drawing portraits. We started advanced with a simple abstract warm-up and I’m guessing it’ll be basic geometric shapes again for a while. Guess it is, as you’ve said, leading to more complicated stuff 🙂


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