Killing My TBR

Killing My TBR |

I have recently realised that I have a crap tonne of unread books on my shelves and I think I need to do something about that. So what I have decided to do is post every month about the exact number of unread books I currently own and you guys get to yell at me if it has gone up.

My current stats are: 187 total unread books

Split into: 145 physical books and 40 ebooks. 

My goal: 10 books.

And I’m going to reduce this by:

Not buying so many books

Kind of an obvious one to start with. My whole problem is I’m buying more books in a month than what I’m reading. During the summer I committed to buying 1 book for every 3 books I read and that seemed to work really well so I will start that again.

Request less books on Netgalley

This is the really big one. Not that I have been requesting many books on Netgalley, the problem is I don’t read/review all the books I get so then end up sitting on my Kindle for months and months.

Not get caught up in hype

This is one of the big problems about book blogs/ book tube. Sometimes there is a book everyone starts talking about and you feel you need to read it because everyone else is reading it. I really try to not get caught up in all the hype but it has happened a few times this year that I’ve bought a book purely because everyone is talking about it.

Get rid of unwanted books

I don’t mind donating or selling my unwanted books. I do a big unhaul at the start of every year. But I usually like to finish the book before I get rid of it which means I have many half finished books that I don’t particularly like and also don’t want to get rid of because I haven’t finished them.

I haven’t been doing my usually monthly wrap ups for a while now since I hadn’t been reading much over the summer. But I am bringing them back and will be changing up the format slightly. I’ll still do my book reviews but I’m going to do a mini wrap up of what happened on the blog and in my life and as part of that will update on how my TBR is getting on. Hopefully.

If anyone else wants to join in you totally should. Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
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14 Responses to “Killing My TBR”

  1. aimeeabsinthe

    I really need to do this too! I got rid of quite a few books recently and I have more to go. I’m up in Uni at the moment but Christmas break I’m 100 per cent cutting my tbr down. I’ve so many that I really want to read too.

  2. moonike

    I need to do this as well. The number of physical books I have unread is somewhere in early 100s (but some of these I’ve had for years already :$ and space is running out in my flat). Kindle count about 20-30 I think.
    Agree with you on avoiding hyped books and about clearing non-fave books and giving them away to charity or friends. I did some clearing in September, and while usually I would be giving away only books I have finished, this time a few half-finished went along.
    My goal for this year was to read 60 books, but I hope I’ll manage to get more squeeze in more. But this pace means even without buying new ones (impossible) it would take me at least until 2018 to read all that I have.

    Anywho, cheers and be brave!

    • bluchickenninja

      Yeah I worked it out and I wouldn’t need to buy anything for like a year and a half if I wanted to get through my TBR. Thats never going to happen but I’m happy so long as I’m reading more books than I buy.

  3. Caroline

    Good luck. I should do the same. I loved The Age of Miracles btw. It was one of my favourites the year it came out. And A Monster Calls too. Stunning book.

  4. Magpiemakingdo

    Good luck! I am in desperate need of doing the same – I rationalize keeping books because “they might come in handy for research one day” and I reeeeaaaalllllyyyy need to give up the ghost on some of them.


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