Customizable Traveller’s Journal Inserts

I recently bought a traveller’s journal and what this is essentially is a leather wallet with elastic inside which can hold multiple small notebooks. Normally people use these things for journalling while travelling (hence the name) but I bought mine so I can keep my notebook and bullet journal together.

Customizable Traveller's Journal Inserts |

The thing I love about these is though you can buy inserts for it (and they are quite cheap on Etsy) you can also make your own. And I had originally been planning on making my own inserts before I came across the Cosmo Cricket line in Hobbycraft which has a number of sketchbooks and inserts that will fit in a travellers journal.

Customizable Traveller's Journal Inserts |

The thing I loved about these (and the whole range) is that it’s specifically made so you can customize it however you want. The inserts (I got a folder and sketchbook) have covers made out of watercolour paper so you can paint on whatever you want and by adding the paint reveal phrases printed on the book in a way that will resist the paint. I’m actually going to customize the sketchbook even more by taking the cover off and adding in grid paper so I can use it as a bullet journal.

Customizable Traveller's Journal Inserts |

This range is actually really cheap just now, Hobbycraft may be trying to get rid of excess stock. In my local store the whole range was on a 3 for 2 as well as each individual item being half price which I then got a student discount on top of. As you may be able to guess I bought quite a number of items (watercolour textures are kinda my thing).

Customizable Traveller's Journal Inserts |

The only thing I wasn’t quite so happy with was the Artist’s Loft watercolour set. These are super pigmented paints but they go very chalky when dry, to the point where I had to spray it with fixative. But I suppose I can’t complain too much since they were made for kids.

Customizable Traveller's Journal Inserts |

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