Whats In My Pencil Case

Whats In My Pencil Case | bluchickenninja.comI recently did a little clear out of the pencil case I use for college so I thought I would share what was in it. I should also point out that my pencil case isn’t actually a pencil case, it’s a makeup bag from the Let’s Squawk range at Paperchase.

You know how sometimes you go to buy something and it’s only when you’re at the till paying that you realise the thing is a little more expensive than what you expected. That was my experience with this pencil case, but I’ve pretty much used it every day for the last six months so I guess it was money well spent.
Whats In My Pencil Case | bluchickenninja.com

Mechanical Pencils: I am really quite lazy and don’t like to sharpen pencils (though you will note I have a pencil sharpener anyway) so I use mechanical pencils. I have a few Pentel ones but I really love the Muji mechanical pencils. I also have a rubber from Muji which works almost the exact same way to the pencil. Not sure why but it’s so much easier that way to use than a regular rubber.

Sharpies: We use big A3 sketchbooks in college and sharpies are the best thing to write in them with since they have thick nibs. And because the paper is thick it means the ink doesn’t bleed through too much. I also have the metallic sharpies for writing my name on stuff.

Fineliners: I’ve been mostly using these for my bullet journal. I’ve tried a couple of different brands like the Rotring or the Micron but the Staedtler ones are my favourite (in the 03 size).

Writing Pens: I really love the Muji gel pens in 0.38 for my bullet journal. I also have a Lamy Al-Star fountain pen with purple ink which I use occasionally in my sketchbook. I really need to figure out how to hold that pen right because I always end up with ink all over my fingers.

Highlighters: I actually bought these Zebra Mildliners for my bullet journal but I’ve been using them in my sketchbooks too. I mostly like these because of the colours, why do highlighters always have to come in fluorescent yellow and pink. I’m probably going to buy more of these because they come in a bunch more colours.

Cutting and Sticking Things: We do a lot of sticking things into sketchbooks so I usually have a stick of glue with me. I also have two pairs of scissors, a regular pair and a set of non stick scissors. The problem with cutting tape is it gunks up regular scissors making them difficult to use so you can buy scissors with a non-stick coating to stop that from happening. Also these were only £1 on Amazon so I bought a few pairs of them.

Pen Drives: I do graphic design so most of the work is computer based and though the college gives us space on the servers to save our work I’ve found it’s a good idea to keep a backup. Especially if I want to work on stuff at home. I have a 16gb pen drive with all my work from last year and I bought a 128gb pen drive for this year.

A fork: Yeah I needed this for a project and just haven’t taken it out yet.

Things I Forgot To Put In The Photo

Tweezers: Yeah I have no idea how they ended up in my pencil case. I think at some point they were going to be used for a project but I forget what that project was.

Copic Marker: I think I was going to try using this for brush lettering at one point but I didn’t because the Copics bleed quite badly.

X-Acto Blades: I’ve bought cutting blades from a number of different art shops and I’ve found that the X-Acto blades are the best. The only place I’ve found them in the UK is at Hobbycraft, but it really is worth the extra effort to get them, they cut paper so much easier than any other blade I’ve tried.

Headphones: These usually live in my rucksack so I have no idea how they migrated to my pencil case.

Depending on the project I will also bring along a cutting mat, ruler, masking tape and double sided tape. Occasionally I will bring my little watercolour kit too but I really use that more for personal projects.

And since everyone complained last time I did one of these because it wasn’t realistic, yes I also had little bits of paper and crumbs at the bottom.

Thanks for reading.
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