Some Thoughts On Yesterday

Usually I try and avoid writing about politics. Mostly because I don’t entirely understand everything going on (especially from this year) and I don’t think I would be a good person to write about it with authority. But the results of this election in the US scares me, and I should point out that it really doesn’t affect me. I am a white woman living in Scotland. Apart from trade between the UK and US possibly being affected, Trump being nominated as president doesn’t affect me.

But these results make it clear that there are a growing number of people in the world who would hate another because of the colour of their skin or who they love. I should point out that though some of the people who voted for Trump are racists not all of them are. I imagine there are some very well educated people who voted for Trump because they genuinely believed he was the best choice. But you can’t deny that Trump being elected as president validates the feelings in those people who don’t think races should mix, who don’t think you can love whoever you want. And that’s scary.

I’m reminded of that quote that goes along the lines of bad people can do bad things because good people stood aside and did nothing. In light of this news I think the best thing we can do is call out instances of racism or hatred. Don’t let people think it’s okay to get away with it. Don’t be a Dolores Umbridge. Vote in elections and make your voice heard. I realise the voting system in the US is extremely complicated (this website does a good job at explaining it) but your vote still counts. I should point out in regards to voting I mean everyone all over the world should vote if they are given the chance. Not specifically those in the UK or US.

Another thing you should remember is that you still need to vote even if you don’t want to vote for the people on the ballot. This is apparently a bad idea because it gives more votes to the candidate with the majority of support (don’t ask me how it works I read it on Wikipedia). But if you don’t want to vote for the people on the ballot you can write in another name or draw faces on it or something else. But by doing that your vote still gets counted. You still get a say. Which you wouldn’t do if you didn’t vote at all.

I realise I’m probably quite late in saying all this, but on the global scale I really don’t have much reach and I don’t think writing a post about voting would have convinced people to go out and do it. All I can say now is there has been a lot of nastiness going around and judging from what happened after the Brexit vote I can only imagine that is going to get worse. So I’m going to say right here, you will not be judged in this space no matter your age, where you come from, the colour of your skin, religion, disability, sexuality or gender. That is really all I can do.  

Thanks for reading.
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7 Responses to “Some Thoughts On Yesterday”

  1. Rachelle

    All I can say is that half of my country was grieving yesterday – the half of the popular vote that did not vote for Trump. We are in shock, but we are highly motivated to ensure that hate and prejudice will not be new standards for the United States.

  2. gruundehn

    I am not pro-Trump, I was for Johnson, but you need to remember that your impression of Trump was filtered through the emotions of those who hated him. What you think of him and what reality is may be two very different things.

  3. Tash

    This post feels me with pride and hope and in retrospect the argument is this result does not affect me either. Whatever the result, kindness and understanding has to be priority. Thanks for writing this, Emma.

  4. Norbert Haupt

    Hey, I live in the heart of urban Southern California. I can’t even imagine life in Scotland. It seems remote. Cold. Cozy. Settled in history. Here things are always churning. It’s still the New World, I guess. But I am comforted by the fact that you would write this from so far away, and I would read it and understand. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. dalecooper57

    Oh, I think Trump as president will definitely affect us all. Not just trade, but the freedom to travel, global conflict resolution, oil prices, all sorts of things.

  6. Hal

    I’ve often wondered, what the extraterrestrials will be like when (if) first contact is made. Orson Welles shocked the world with his melodramatic monsters and sent his U.S. radio audience screaming down the streets as his masterful string of fabricated stories from faux field reporters gave the gruesome unfolding details in believable, real time. Exhausted from writing and pre-recording the historic production, Welles went home to sleep. As he slept, the broadcast started. From time to time, reporters would break-in to “regular” programming with updates that began to weave the fantastic tale of horror. By the time Welles awakened, his radio audience had been turned on its ear. People were fearful. Some even desperate. Welles took to the airwaves and calmed his audience. Lessons learned: media is powerful and not all you hear is true especially when you do not see something unfold in person.

    Today, we have other tales suggesting the aliens we meet from outer space might be benevolent beings (such as E.T., the Vulcans of Star Trek and Starman).

    Who knows what the future holds? In “The Day the Earth Stood Still” Klaatu reaches for a gift and is shot by a nervous soldier that feared the spaceman was reaching for a weapon. It is easy to mis-interpret things particularly when those things are filtered through fear.

    Time will tell if Donald Trump is friend or foe. Take a deep breath. Give him some time. One thing is sure: we have a lot of checks and balances in America and our country believes firmly in equality and opportunity for all. Rest assured, we will go down no other path. Blessings,,,


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