Brusho Watercolour Ink

So for my most recent college project I used watercolour paints to create backgrounds for a set of posters. I’ve probably mentioned this before but I love how watercolours mix and create really interesting textures. Well while doing that project I came across these pigment powders on Amazon that act very similar to watercolour and of course I had to buy them.

Brusho Crystal Colours Paint |

Basically what you get in the box is 12 tubs of powder that you can sprinkle onto paper and create textures. I’m sure there are other ways to use these as well, you could probably mix them with water to create inks to paint with (gonna be honest, I threw out the instructions that came with it).

Brusho Watercolour Ink |

But the real reason I got these was to create textures to use in other things (haven’t decided on what yet, though I’ve been thinking about doing bookmarks). It’s so much fun seeing how you can create different patterns by placing the paper at angles or spraying water in different ways. And every single one of them is going to be unique which is cool.

Here’s some I made earlier:

Brusho Watercolour Ink | Brusho Watercolour Ink | Brusho Watercolour Ink | Brusho Watercolour Ink |

Yeah, I just wrote this cause I really like my new paints and wanted to tell someone about it.

Thanks for reading.
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