Bookish Holiday Gift Guide

I”m probably a bit late with this guide seeing as how it’s only 2 weeks to Christmas and most people have started shopping by now. But I thought I would share a list of bookish things to give as gifts because there is always someone who leaves it to the very last minute.

I don’t like recommending specific books because it will always depend on the person you’re giving the gift to. But I’ve found that classic books make a good gift, especially if you can find nice editions of those books. Waterstones are currently selling these leather bound editions designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith and they are gorgeous (I’ve seen these in person and the photo doesn’t do it justice). They currently retail at around £12-£20.

For the Harry Potter nerd in your life head to Primark where they are currently selling clothing from Fantastic Beasts (the pyjamas are great, I have a set). Primark is also a good place to get loads of Disney and pop culture t-shirts. Prices can vary.

Bookish Holiday Gift Guide |

I always think Pop Funkos are a good thing to give as a gift. I’m currently loving the Labyrinth set . You’re usually better off going into your local Forbidden Planet or Waterstones (they mostly sell Harry Potter funkos) to get these. Don’t buy them on Amazon because it’s mostly re-sellers and you’ll pay two or three times the regular price.

The other thing you could of course get that favourite bookish person is a gift voucher for a bookshop. That way you can buy them books but they will be able to pick exactly what they want instead of you trying to guess what they might like.

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