My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up

I thought today I would share my 2017 set up in my bullet journal. I think this was the first time I’ve gone into a new year while using a bullet journal so I was quite excited to get everything set up. I know a lot of people also say you should get a new journalΒ for every year but I haven’t done that because I’ve only had this notebook for 2 months (also it’s a silly idea).

My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up |

I try to keep my bullet journal quite simple. I love some of the really elaborate ones you find on Instagram but I don’t want that for my bujo. I usually just use washi tape for a little decoration. Since it was the start of the year I also used this ‘hello’ sticker I got in a pack from Hobbycraft. I only have a small collection of pens I use now, the Muji mechanical pencil, 0.38 gel pen and the Staedtler Fineliner. I also use the Zebra Mildliners to add a bit of colour.

My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up |

I decided to keep my future log to just two pages. I don’t expect to be doing a huge amount of future planning so I didn’t need much space for it. I’m sure this layout was based on one I saw in a YouTube video but I’ve totally forgotten who’s video it was.

My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up |

My health tracker for the year. I know people usually have a full page for one month but I’ve been tracking the same six things since last August and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Another good thing about this is it’s easier to compare months when they are right next to each other.

My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up |

My blog stats page is exactly the same as last year. I didn’t see any point in changing it since I liked the layout.

My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up |

My blog posts page is really a way of tracking what social media platforms I’ve posted to. I like having this since my memory is terrible and I can never remember what I’ve posted where. Also it’s useful if I have book reviews that also need to be posted to Netgalley or BookBridgr.

My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up |

My monthly page for January. It’s still quite empty but it will fill up as the month goes along. I will also sometimes go back and add noteworthy events in as a way of journaling.

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32 thoughts on “My 2017 & January Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. Really nicely and neatly organised! I could do with you penning my journal for me, it’s quite messy! Haha. I’m terrible at being neat. Hopefully this helps your 2017/Jan to be productive πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah I used to use Google Calendar for a while. The thing with that is it’s really more for events not tasks. The thing I like about the bullet journal is I can write out everything I need to do each day.

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