My February Bullet Journal Set Up

My January bullet journal post was pretty popular so I thought I would write on for February too since I’ve made a few little changes and I really like how it’s looking just now.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

Since it was February I decided my colour scheme would be pink. The only pink highlighter I had was a little more fluorescent than I wanted but it still looks okay. The stickers I chose to match this colour was a small cacti kit I got from TsuStore on Etsy (I love her stickers so definately check them out if you’re into that sort of thing). These stickers have a little teal in them as well so my colour scheme for this month ended up being a mix of pink and blue. I really like how this ended up looking.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

The big thing I’ve changed this month is the headers. Everything is much simpler now. I’ve tried to take out all the extra stuff I don’t use, this also has the added bonus that it doesn’t take long to set the month up. I would prefer to have a little more definition between the days. Just so it’s easier to tell what day I’m writing info in. But I like how my calendar looks so much I think adding extra lines would ruin it.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

My blog planner for February is now spread over two pages. I know it seems silly to have two calendars for this but it’s the way that works best for me. On the left calendar I plan out the month, this is where I have space to make changes. On the left I have a calendar where I can track what I need to work on for a post and all the social media stuff that goes with it.

My February Bullet Journal Set Up |

My brain dump page is exactly the same but I’ve changed how I do my dailies again. The page is now split into three columns that are just wider than the Erin Condren boxes. This means I can buy sticker kits made for the Erin Condren and they will fit into my daily spreads. I find sticker kits are a good way to add a little bit of colour into my bullet journal without having to spend huge amounts of time on it.

Just wondering, would anyone be interested in this becoming a monthly thing?

Thanks for reading.
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12 Responses to “My February Bullet Journal Set Up”

  1. oawoodward

    Definitely make this a monthly thing! I love living vicariously through your planning! I still can’t get on board with paper planners, but I LOVE looking at other people’s.

    Liv //

  2. Laurie

    Yes, please do. I have learned a lot from how people set up theirs. And I like how you are flexible and change things up. That is good info, too!

  3. AdventureHen

    I agree with oawoodward. I’m the type of person who likes the idea of designing my own planner but I can never keep up with it. Instead, I watch how other people decorate their lives.


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