Graphic Design Exhibition

I am very late in posting this. Every September/ October time Graphic Design Festival Scotland holds a poster design competition. You don’t have to create a poster on a specific thing, you just create a poster. The best posters are then shown in an exhibition at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. Here are the photos from the second year I went (from last September). Like I said I should have posted about this a long time ago.

I feel weird saying this but this exhibition wasn’t actually that good. The posters don’t have a specific theme which means it can be very overwhelming. Some were interesting to look at. But more as an inspirational thing. It was interesting to see how designers used different methods to create the posters. One actually had gold foiling on parts which was cool. But as a whole the exhibition wasn’t that good.

Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition |

Erin has been pestering me for over a year and a half to mention her in a post. So here is Erin and I up one of the towers in the Lighthouse. They don’t always have this open so it’s worth going up if you get the chance. You get some really nice views over Glasgow.

Graphic Design Exhibition | Graphic Design Exhibition |

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8 Responses to “Graphic Design Exhibition”

  1. SimplyGuiding

    It really does look overwhelming, but the designs by themselves look very visually pleasing I think.


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