Hand Generated Gravity Quotes

One of the projects I did a few months ago was about creating posters based on quotes from movies. You were given a quote and had to create a piece of hand generated artwork featuring that quote which would then be put on a poster. I really enjoyed this project so I decided to make a few more pieces of artwork using quotes from Gravity. Here they are:

Hand Generated Gravity Quotes | bluchickenninja.com

This is an A3 sheet of paper that I cut the type out of using a scalpel. I created the stars by poking holes in the paper using a needle (fun fact: poking yourself with a needle hurts way more than what you would expect). I then took a photo of the paper up against a window so the light would shine through.

Hand Generated Gravity Quotes | bluchickenninja.com

This piece was created using the exact same sheet of paper. Except this time I shone a light through the type and took a photograph of the type projected against a wall. Someone who knows more about physics than I do will probably be able to explain why the light makes the type appear multiple times. I actually prefer this second version. I may add the movie title and see if I can turn it into a proper Gravity poster.

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6 Responses to “Hand Generated Gravity Quotes”

  1. Aimer Boyz

    These are great. The first one is my favourite, it looks like the night sky. The second looks like a blackboard, one of my favorite things 🙂
    When you explained how you made these it sounded simple, but I never would have thought of any of this. brilliant 🙂


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