Plan With Me: March

I’m back again with another update on my bullet journal. I know calling this post a ‘plan with me’ is a bit silly since I’ve already done all the planning, but apparently plan with me’s are a thing just now. I should also mention that this may be my last bullet journal update for a while, I’ll explain more further on but basically I’m changing how I use my bullet journal so it will work better for me.

Plan With Me: March |

I chose a blue colour scheme for March and picked this kit from Harriet Wright Designs to go along with it. I don’t really think of March as being blue but I’ve been having all sorts of problems actually getting my hands on the kit I originally bought for March (if you follow me on Twitter you may already know about these problems). I also decided to try doing a little brush lettering this month and it almost actually worked, I don’t know what the trick is to brush lettering but apparently I did something right.

Plan With Me: March |

I like keeping some of my more long term lists in the back of my bullet journal. But I wanted to note these pages down in my index somehow. Eventually I decided to just number out each page in my index, this way I can add the pages at the back in and it’s faster to write in pages at the front too.

Plan With Me: March |

This is another tiny thing I added to my yearly lists to make them easier to find. I added a little washi tape to the edge of the page, it makes finding those specific pages just a little easier.

Plan With Me: March |

Now this is where I’ve made the biggest change. The thing with my course is it’s a lot of work. In the past week I’ve had 3 deadlines and 1 interim deadline, and there is a lot of things to do along with that. I will admit I’ve been stressing out ever so slightly over it. But one thing I’ve found is that using my bullet journal has actually been stressing me out. I can’t even explain why. It’s almost like I want to make this thing look nice but at the moment I need something thats more functional than pretty.

Over the past week I’ve changed how I use it (again!), I use it more as a daily planner now. I have one day to a page, the hours in the day go down one half and on the other I write out a list of everything I need to do that day. I’ve found I really like using it this way. I need to buy something to use as a more long term planner, possibly a Filofax though they can get quite expensive. But for just now my bullet journal has turned into a daily to-do list.

I also imagine no matter what I decide to buy you’ll hear about it at some point.

Thanks for reading.
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10 thoughts on “Plan With Me: March

  1. I saw you liked one of my “blogs” which is awesome, and considering I’ve only been on here for two days and have no idea what I’m doing (I had to create a blog for my social media class), I didn’t even know it was a feature on here! Just wanted to let you know I loved your layout (I cannot get mine to work), and your blogs!
    I also don’t think I could ever stick to a bullet journal but I ADORE looking at them!

    • Thanks. The layouts thing can be difficult to get exactly the way you want it. Also mine has been customized quite a bit cause I have a premium wordpress account. Good luck with your class!

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