Beauty and the Beast | Illustrated MinaLima Classic

So remember back in August I wrote about the MinaLima editions of Peter Pan and Jungle Book, at the time I said I would literally buy every book MinaLima released. Well two days ago I found out MinaLima had released a new edition of The Beauty and the Beast (I presume to go along with the movie), any way I found out about it and immediately bought it.

The thing I’ve been learning a lot about in class just now is how to use design to make something feel expensive. Good design can turn something normal into a premium product. This is a good example of it because though it’s only £20, compared to something like the wordsworth classic which retails around £2 it is much more expensive. And you’re not paying for the story, these classics are out of copyright which means you can get them for free. What you’re paying for is the thing that contains the content. In this case the book.

And it’s not just the design which makes it premium. The actual materials it is made out of are part of that. Think of the really cheap mass market paperbacks with the terrible low quality paper. Then compare it to this with the slightly textured cover and the thick pages. It even has cut outs and 3D parts which tie into the story. Even the design which is unique to MinaLima adds to that premium feel. This is a book which makes it quite clear it’s expensive and it does it in a very good way.

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11 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast | Illustrated MinaLima Classic

  1. I’m a graphic design student at the moment and I also have this edition of the book, I love the design so much! 😍 my boyfriend got it for me as I’m a poor student and can’t afford pretty and expensive books at the moment 😂

  2. This looks amazing! So good, in fact, I’ve just rushed over to their website and bought one for myself (well, for my girlfriend). Thanks for sharing this, it looks an absolutely amazing little book!

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