March Papergang Unboxing

I’m back today with a post about the March Papergang subscription. If you haven’t heard of it before Papergang is a monthly subscription service from and it is basically a box full of lovely paper goods. The subscription costs £9.95 a month and it usually works out cheaper to buy the box rather that buying the items individually through OhhDeer.

I suppose the only downside about this box is that you don’t know what will come in it. You got a really nice thank you card with gold foiling and the riso printed monthly calendars. But I didn’t like the fact that it also came with three notebooks. I love notebooks but I am very quickly getting more than I could ever hope to use, I haven’t finished using the notebook I got in November and in the last month I’ve gained three more.

I realise that Papergang is all about the stationery but at the minute I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription when it comes time to renew. Though next month seems to be going back to the tropical theme which I am slightly obsessed with just now.

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2 Responses to “March Papergang Unboxing”

  1. Dean

    I’ve been contemplating getting the Papergang box for a while myself, but like yourself I think the fact that it comes with three notebooks would turn me off it too. I already have more notebooks than I know what to do with! :O

  2. Sarah

    Omg I love this!! I always want more stationary and whatever for my desk 😂. The contents look really nice!


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